“I chose to enroll in the ITN course to help boost my health coaching skills and business, and it has helped me beyond my expectations with my clientele and personal health! I had been a personal trainer and FDN Practitioner for years but was struggling with growing my reach and felt as though there were holes in my health coaching program specifically related to spirituality and psychological factors. ITN has given me so many valuable tools and resources that have helped me grow my business, even before completing the course! I picked up 9 new coaching clients in a matter of 10 days! And I’ve put the wheels in motion to make my dreams of being a health coach and helping people as a career come true!”

Jenn Culver


“I love, love, love The Institute of Transformational Nutrition! I am blown away by how much I learned in such a short amount of time. I was able to completely fill my practice before I even finished the program! And I started completely from scratch with no business or coaching knowledge at all! The only thing I feel bad about is that I have to turn people away who want to work with me now!”

Lauren Gonzales


“After listening to Cynthia Pasquella being interviewed, I was drawn to enroll in ITN due to the depth and breadth of knowledge and skills that I knew I would be exposed to. My experience was far more than I could have expected or hoped for - Cynthia led me to place of higher learning, financial empowerment and spiritual awakening. The ITN program not only equipped me for professional success, it personally helped me lose weight, gain energy, heal my body, open my heart, expand my mind and free my spirit, while effecting those close to me in similar ways. While still in the program, I was able to land a high exposure speaking engagement and establish contracts with several medical clinics to provide Transformational Nutrition coaching programs to their patients."

Brad Rudner


Changing careers was a giant leap of faith, but enrolling in ITN was the best decision I ever made. Cynthia and her amazing team have given me the support and confidence I needed to turn my desire to be a holistic health coach into a reality. ITN has taken me on a spiritual journey that has opened me up and allowed me to find my true passions both professionally and personally. I am eternally grateful to my ITN family for giving me the platform I needed to live out my dreams.”

Lisa Marie Falcone


“If I had any questions regarding the direction I was going in with my health/fitness career (and I did), I have NO questions now! This program has surpassed my ideals of what I am capable of personally and with my clients. Cynthia's program unfolds in such an amazing way. The topics I feared, because I didn't understand them have been my biggest areas of growth. I got a new client Sunday that handed me $1650 and said lets get started! :)”

Adrienne Daly

What Is Transformational Nutrition?

Transformational Nutrition® is THE most powerful approach to weight loss, health, and vitality that exists today.


Transformational Nutrition is a method that combines science, psychology, and spirituality to allow us to eat consciously, cleanse our bodies and our minds, and liberate ourselves from our struggle with food so we can live authentically, gracefully, and free.

It combines numerous modalities, methods, and techniques including biochemistry balancing, identifying psychological triggers, using aromatherapy, blending herbal treatments, integrating NLP for coaching, and so much more. Never before has any nutritional methodology combined these areas of focus to create permanent change and radical fulfillment in people all over the world. Are you ready to help people transform?

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