“ITN was life-changing! I am now living my passion and purpose by using my personal health struggles to serve others who also have chronic pain issues. Not only do you learn about holistic health and nutrition, but Cynthia teaches you how to run your business. Her advice has saved me thousands of dollars and who knows how much time! I highly recommend ITN because it set me up for success so that I can serve others in a big way!”

Alison Brehme


“At ITN, I received all of the nutrition, business, and coaching information I needed to start a thriving business, even months before I graduated! This week I made over $1,000, and I did a total of 3 hours of work while enjoying time with my daughter. This program is incredible!”

Arielle Zieja


“I chose to enroll in the ITN course to help boost my health coaching skills and business, and it has helped me beyond my expectations with my clientele and personal health! I had been a personal trainer and FDN Practitioner for years but was struggling with growing my reach and felt as though there were holes in my health coaching program specifically related to spirituality and psychological factors. ITN has given me so many valuable tools and resources that have helped me grow my business, even before completing the course! I picked up 9 new coaching clients in a matter of 10 days! And I’ve put the wheels in motion to make my dreams of being a health coach and helping people as a career come true!”

Jenn Culver


“Since deciding to take the terrifying plunge into the ITN training, I have built a health and wellness suite of online courses, support, and programs complete with hosting biannual children’s teen health summits, hosting a show on Fearless Parent Radio called (R)evolutionary Mama, and doing 8 (and counting) guest speaking engagements on other online summits establishing myself as an expert in the field of holistic health for parents and their families. I am now living my vision, making real waves, and improving lives. All because I decided to say yes!

Carla Atherton


“Making the decision to join ITN was the first action step on a path that has forever changed my life! Without any prior nutrition education or coaching experience, I started taking on paying clients after only 3 months into the program! Within 9 months of enrolling at ITN, I was able to quit my draining corporate career and take my coaching practice full-time, earning five figures in my very first month as an entrepreneur! This program has taught me the foundational knowledge needed to create results with clients, connected me with an incredible group of inspiring and supportive peers, and given me all the tools and lessons it took Cynthia years to discover on her own.”

Heather Riggs


I have been in the health industry for nearly 20 years and have never had a tool to help my clients like ITN! Their approach to nutrition and coaching is like no other - I am inspired, prepared, and focused on helping my clients transform their health and their lives!”

Jodi Sussner


“I was yearning for a life change, but didn't think it was possible for me to completely retrain and switch careers in mid-life. Fortunately a successful health professional I highly respected recommended Cynthia Pasquella's ITN program to me, and when I looked into it, I knew it could be the vehicle to make this change. The ITN training gave me the knowledge and tools to move from a "job" to fulfilling a passion of helping change people's lives. Not only that but I am enjoying powerful personal growth and building a network of talented and supportive peers in the world of health. I'm excited to see what each day brings and that's a true blessing.”

Susan Tessman


“The ITN community is the most knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful place I’ve been involved in, in over a decade in this industry!”

Kate Davison


“As soon as I got up and out of my wheelchair, I knew I wanted to help other women with chronic illness find courage, perspective and hope so they could turn their tragedy into triumph. I researched all of the online school options and as soon as I found ITN, I knew it was the right fit for me. ITN's three pillars of Nutrition, Psychology and Spirituality were the same three elements I had used to heal myself, but here it was all packaged by Cynthia Pasquella into a framework I could logically and systematically learn, and then use to help my clients. I graduated just 6 months ago and I am consistently selling my top tier $2500 program, helping women across the nation, and absolutely loving my coaching business!”

Layne Lyons


“After walking my own weight loss journey I realized that I have a passion to assist and help women to also reach their weight and health goals. After studying through The Institute of Transformational Nutrition, I have all the tools and education that I need to effectively help women to achieve their goals! I have learned that fear is an illusion and that I am embracing my capacity to receive abundance, love and success.”

Bernadine Otto


“I wasn't interested in taking several different courses in order to meet my goals to follow my passion and start a business educating and coaching in the health field. ITN was the complete package I was looking for, everything in one great, professional program. I also loved how flexible the program is. I am super busy and completed this program while in my then full time job (of which, I have since been able to quit to work for my own health coaching business full time!), school, plus being a mom and wife! ITN taught me how to use and turn my passions into purpose and that alone is worth every single penny.”

Ashley Gotschall


“ITN helped me get over all the overwhelming advise there is on the Internet. I signed up two 60-day package clients and an ongoing client within my first 3 months of finishing the course. I also received write-ups in media including Woman and Home Magazine and Good Housekeeping Magazine! ITN was worth every cent and more! It has been a pleasure to be part of the ITN family and community.”

Bernice Griffiths


“I didn't know what to do with all my nutrition knowledge and at ITN I learned how to transform it into a successful practice, one of the first in Latin America. I especially enjoyed all the spiritual work. It helped me overcome my limiting fears and build something much bigger than I ever thought I could!”

Bonnie Leclerc


“Before I found out about this program I was looking to go back to school - with a $130,000 price tag!! So grateful I found Cynthia's program - the combination of science, psychology, and spirituality give me a unique niche that is in high demand. Cynthia is invested in my success and takes a hands on approach to teaching. I already have people asking for my help and I haven't even finished the program!

Beth Krumbein


“The core principles taught at ITN is a LIFE CHANGER. You learn to become your own everyday doctor by really getting to know yourself and your body. It’s just pure bliss how way more in tune I am with my body and finally able to live and enjoy my life again. I learned so many A-HA moments about my health, and more importantly how our mental mindsets have a HUGE influence on our health and relationships. YES, really! Those Psychology and Spiritually Modules are no joke and opened my eyes to a new world of living. ITN is truly an AMAZING program and has been instrumental in realizing my true potential. My only regret about the program - that I didn't sign up sooner!

Jenny Cleary


"After enjoying a 10-year career as a national women’s leadership speaker in the college market, I was looking for a change. I watched Cynthia’s interview with Jonathan Fields on The Good Life Project, and instantly enrolled in ITN. Throughout my ITN experience, Cynthia taught me that not only is it ok to take off the remainder of my perfectionist mask, tell my story and show up with my full humanity as a coach, it’s the key to building a magnetic brand. While immersing myself in the high energy of the ITN Spirituality modules, I manifested an $11,000 speaking engagement and moved my audience to tears while leading my first ever guided-visualization. Now I empower female clients worldwide to harness their sensitivity so they can reclaim their health, energy, voices, confidence and power. Thank you Cynthia and my ITN family for inspiring me to come home to myself and shine!"

Maria Pascucci

It’s YOUR Time

The demand for nutrition coaches is rising. And not just that, but income of nutrition coaches is rising as well.

There is a war being fought on food and we need leaders – like YOU – to help lead the charge!

The good news is that I’ve spent over 15 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a proven method that you can now take and use!
I can show you how.

We Need YOUR Help

Here are some current statistics related to diet and health:
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What You Will Learn
In This Nutrition Certification Program


The Most Cutting-Edge Nutrition Training Available

The core curriculum is made up of the three pillars of Transformational Nutrition – Science, Psychology, and Spirituality. You’ll learn how to fully integrate the concepts found in the curriculum to create permanent change through videos, audio recordings, checklists, workbooks, expert coaching, a student support group, recommended reading lists, and a live event!

Business & Coaching Skills

These in-depth modules give you the confidence and training you need to establish a successful business and coach people on living better, healthier lives while having fun in the process. You’ll receive access to our step-by-step business and coaching worksheets, guides, intake forms, journals, and templates so there’s no guesswork involved when working with clients!

A Personal Transformation Experience

Many of us are on a personal journey of transformation. Some of us are further along the path than others. At ITN, you can fully embrace your own transformation, while learning to help others on their journey, and enjoy being coached through the process by our founder, Cynthia Pasquella. You will learn how to finally heal your relationship with food for good!

Industry-Leading Faculty Expertise

Learn from the industry leaders in the fields of health, nutrition, and transformation via cutting-edge video and audio interviews. They will share their best techniques and methods with you in this nutrition certification program so you can get your clients (and yourself) results that you’ve only dreamed of!

Results-Based Training

Most nutritional certification programs give you lots of theory and facts. You’ll see charts and graphs about how things “should” work. Through Cynthia Pasquella’s vast experience, we only teach results and the exact methods and techniques you can use to help your clients (and yourself) get them! From writing a best-selling book to finally losing those extra pounds, this training is unlike any other!

A Great Living With Freedom To Enjoy It

Transformational Nutrition Coaches can earn between $100 and $250 per hour for their services. They also work the hours they want with the clients they want in a variety of ways – through private coaching, group coaching, creating programs and products, hosting live events, and more! They contribute to the world and impact lives in a huge way while having the freedom to enjoy their own.

Confidence to Help Others

You have your own story of transformation and you have a passion for doing this work. But perhaps you’re lacking the confidence. At ITN, our graduates are prepared with the skills and education to serve others without feeling inadequate or like a fraud. You’ll never have to worry about what to do when your client asks a question you can’t answer ever again!


100% Online

This training program is available 100% online making it available to anyone, anywhere in the world. We use a simple video and audio based training program to make it super easy and enjoyable for you! AND, you get to keep the files for life!

By the end of the training, you will be armed with THE cutting-edge information about TOTAL transformation!


Each module walks you step-by-step through how to effectively coach clients, build a successful business while you’re still learning, and live a life that you’re proud of.

By the end of the training, you will be armed with THE leading-edge information about TOTAL transformation!

Self Paced

You will be able to work at your own pace to complete your certification successfully.

By the end of the training, you will be armed with THE leading-edge information about TOTAL transformation!

Cheat Sheets & Supporting Materials

Each module contains a Cheat Sheet so that you can follow along and take notes with ease. We also provide a number of other supporting materials including action guides, checklists, and more!

By the end of the training, you will be armed with THE leading-edge information about TOTAL transformation!

Done-For-You Resources

Our done-for-you programs, templates, resource lists, and guides take out all the guesswork!

By the end of the training, you will be armed with THE leading-edge information about TOTAL transformation!

All Styles of Learning

We feature video, audio, and written text to cater to all styles of learning including auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.

By the end of the training, you will be armed with THE leading-edge information about TOTAL transformation!


The ITN program has given me the tools and the confidence that I needed to launch my first group coaching program and turn my passion into a reality! I am also incredibly grateful that I get to be a part of such an amazing community of health passionate professionals!”

Ally Rose


“If I had any questions regarding the direction I was going in with my health/fitness career (and I did), I have NO questions now! This program has surpassed my ideals of what I am capable of personally and with my clients. Cynthia's program unfolds in such an amazing way. The topics I feared, because I didn't understand them have been my biggest areas of growth. I got a new client Sunday that handed me $1650 and said lets get started! :)”

Adrienne Daly


Changing careers was a giant leap of faith, but enrolling in ITN was the best decision I ever made. Cynthia and her amazing team have given me the support and confidence I needed to turn my desire to be a holistic health coach into a reality. ITN has taken me on a spiritual journey that has opened me up and allowed me to find my true passions both professionally and personally. I am eternally grateful to my ITN family for giving me the platform I needed to live out my dreams.”

Lisa Marie Falcone


“After listening to Cynthia Pasquella being interviewed, I was drawn to enroll in ITN due to the depth and breadth of knowledge and skills that I knew I would be exposed to. My experience was far more than I could have expected or hoped for - Cynthia led me to place of higher learning, financial empowerment and spiritual awakening. The ITN program not only equipped me for professional success, it personally helped me lose weight, gain energy, heal my body, open my heart, expand my mind and free my spirit, while effecting those close to me in similar ways. While still in the program, I was able to land a high exposure speaking engagement and establish contracts with several medical clinics to provide Transformational Nutrition coaching programs to their patients."

Brad Rudner


“I didn't start ITN with the idea that I would start my own business and now I cannot help but put together a plan of action to put myself out there to serve others who have struggled with having a healthy lifestyle! I started my journey with ITN for myself and to gain more knowledge about nutrition and psychology. Not in a million years did I think I would come away with so much knowledge and self-empowerment! Cynthia is an excellent guide and teacher. I am so grateful for this program and I have grown so much through ITN. I talk about it all the time with family and friends!”

Lynn Churay


The decision to enroll in ITN was life-changing for me. I received so much more than I had anticipated. There is so much support, encouragement, and collaboration! Never in my life did I imagine that I would be capable of writing a best-selling cookbook, that my recipes would be published in several major newspapers, that I would have the confidence to speak in front of hundreds of people, or that I could become a Huffington Post blogger – and within just 2 years of graduating! Now, I believe I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. This program is hands-down the best investment I could have made in myself. I mean, how do you put a price on gaining the expertise and confidence you need to finally pursue your dreams?”

Michelle Vodrazka


“ITN not only gave me the knowledge and tools to help serve people, but it helped me reach a larger audience that was searching and longing for the help that I could provide. Cynthia coached me on business strategies that showed me how to implement the ITN knowledge and tools right from the very first business module. She helped me to understand how to continually fine-tune my website to attract and subscribe more readers, to write better copy which reflected my authentic self and to genuinely serve and compel readers to want to receive and share my blog posts. As a result, in just a few months, our monthly traffic has increased by as much 200%, our social media engagement has increased substantially while our mailing list is now of significant size to begin to implement the monetization strategies that Cynthia has helped me to develop”

Elaine De Santos


“ITN came to my life when I was stuck and directionless. From the moment I signed up, my life changed. ITN helped me reclaim my health and gave me powerful coaching tools that I have not seen anywhere else. My most recent client has finally recovered her health after 4 years of painful symptoms and running from doctor to doctor, she is over the moon, and so am I!”

Catarina Catarino


“My life and that of my family’s has drastically improved since completing my certification at ITN. Cynthia leads you on your own transformation and teaches you how to do the same for others. I especially love how she holds nothing back when it comes to business and coaching tips. She always encourages her students to take action and is there to answer our unique business questions, even after completing the program. With her guidance, I created my own website and will have my first book published, all while working a full-time job! The “Done-For-You” programs are great and have allowed me to serve more clients sooner than I expected. I’ve found my passion and absolutely love coaching my clients to their transformations!”

Leah Campián


“Attending the Institute of Transformation Nutrition's program was instrumental to understanding how I can serve my clients best. Cynthia Pasquella truly pours both her business savvy AND her soul into teaching the content to her students. The program showed me how critical it is to maintain honestly and integrity with my clients, remembering WHO I am and WHY I am doing this work. This course will teach you the skills you need to be successful in your dream business while also delivering an amazing transformational experience to YOU along the way.

Julia Markova


“I cannot thank ITN enough for providing me with the knowledge and confidence to go after my dreams. Owning my own yoga business, coaching seemed like the obvious next step. However, my personal transformation through ITN gave me the confidence to launch my “wearable affirmations” t-shirt line. I am halfway through the curriculum and I’ve already earned enough income to pay down the tuition and simultaneously grow my business. I HIGHLY recommend ITN to every future wellness entrepreneur out there!”

Merry-Lita Bliss


“My experience with the Institute of Transformational Nutrition has been extremely rewarding and I can’t express enough how much it’s impacted my life! Before this course, I obtained a four-year degree in nutrition and a minor in business entrepreneurship. I found Cynthia’s course provided me with more practical, useful information than the material I learned during my entire four years of college! Besides invaluable information, this course taught me how to work with clients and build a successful business. I’m so blessed to have worked with Cynthia and to have such an in-depth education in just six months! The Institute of Transformational Nutrition has truly changed my life and I only wish everyone could experience it for themselves!”

Ashley Liberi


“I love, love, love The Institute of Transformational Nutrition! I am blown away by how much I learned in such a short amount of time. I was able to completely fill my practice before I even finished the program! And I started completely from scratch with no business or coaching knowledge at all! The only thing I feel bad about is that I have to turn people away who want to work with me now!”

Lauren Gonzales


“If you have the desire and passion to create something new in your life and you want the right knowledge and support, ITN will give you the tools and insight that you need to build a successful business. I was able to create a thriving coaching practice serving people around the world and I spend each day doing what I love. It doesn’t get much better than that!”

Shana Ekedal


“I am so grateful for this course and for Cynthia Pasquella. It is so valuable and perfect for me right now. You inspire me to continue to discover and accept myself just as I am. I’m making a difference in people’s lives and it feels amazing! Thank you!”

Katie Alexander


“The Transformational Nutrition Coach certification program made it possible to transition my career to the vision of service I’ve always dreamed of. As a personal trainer and private fitness studio owner, ITN gave me all the information I needed to create nutrition and fitness programs for positive, long term lifestyle change. The combination of science, psychology and spirituality along with business mastery and coaching techniques has allowed me to speak at events and companies, contribute to books and create my own online program, The Beach Physique Method. Because of my success as a speaker and helping hundreds of men and women with my programs, I’m opening up a new location exclusively as a Transformational Nutrition Coach and am on the path to a six-figure income!

Maria Mizzi

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