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Today’s episode is bittersweet because this will be our last episode and we’re moving on to something bigger and more exciting.

Cynthia has some exciting news about what’s coming up next. She’s received a lot of feedback from listeners that you all are ready for bigger topics on coaching, personal development, and starting and scaling a successful business. That’s where her new show, I’d Like to Thank My Self, comes in. 

I’d Like to Thank My Self is all about becoming self-made and stepping in to the person that you know you’re meant to be. She’ll be sharing conversations that cover things like mindset, overcoming adversity, and so much more. 

We’re realizing that you are ready for a much bigger, real, and raw conversation about how to create a life and business so good you’re only jealous of yourself.


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Listen to Episode 066 to Discover...
  • Common threads in the feedback from listeners
  • What you can expect from Cynthia’s new show, I’d Like to Thank My Self
  • Cynthia’s favorite episodes and why they’re her top recommendations
  • A powerful message from Cynthia as she closes this chapter of the TNC podcast


To round out The Transformational Nutrition Coaching Podcast, Cynthia shares her top five episodes (plus a special bonus one). She highlights what makes each of those episodes near and dear to her, and why she recommends that you go back and listen if you missed them the first time around.


Episode 5050 Things I Wish I Had Known When I First Started Coaching


Episode 37. Dr. Mike Dow on Brain Health, Ketamine, Psychotherapy, and Holistically Improving Your Mental Health


Episode 59Cognitive Decline is the Pandemic Nobody’s Talking About- Here’s How You Fix Your Brain with Dr. Tom O’Bryan


Episode 51How to Overcome “Mom Guilt” and Live in the Moment with Elle Gail


Episode 49How to Heal Your Gut and Follow Your Intuition with Brandi Mackenzie


BONUS EPISODE 1. From Homeless to Health Coach


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