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How to Overcome “Mom Guilt” and Live in the Moment with Elle Gail


Cynthia is joined by ITN grad and founder of MotherBar, Elle Gail.

Elle spent the first 20 years of her career leading marketing teams at some of the world’s top brands and admits that she fully subscribed to the hustle and burnout culture of the corporate world.

After having two kids back-to-back and grappling with the oh-so-common mom guilt, she discovered ITN and used the course as a way to find a better balance and deepen her health and wellness knowledge. 


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It was around that time that she started to explore the benefits of CBD and met with another ITN alum who had connections in the industry.

Elle wanted to create a product for other people who felt like they were white-knuckling through life and craved something to help slow down and give themselves a micro self-care moment.

She highlights how the ingredients in the MotherBar CBD mints work to use your senses to come back to your senses and explains what her vision is for the brand. 

Elle and Cynthia also discuss the phenomenon of the primary caretaker’s “second shift,” how to recognize and work through your mother wound, and the process for giving yourself permission to just be.


Listen to Episode 051 to Discover...
  • Tools for combatting the mom shame that is so prevalent in today’s society 
  • The inspiring and empowering story behind MotherBar 
  • How the curriculum at ITN helped Elle discover her true purpose in life (that actually wasn’t nutrition coaching)
  • Tips for giving yourself permission to have it all without having to do it all
  • The importance of unapologetically making yourself your number one priority


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