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the shawn stevenson scholarship

As a proud graduate of The Institute of Transformational Nutrition, and as part of his new book Eat Smarter Family Cookbook, Shawn Stevenson is offering a limited number of scholarships toward tuition, to the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. 

"ITN has the world’s best coaching education here in one place, taught by the greatest teachers on the planet.

Between the step-by-step coaching system and the practical, actionable ways to build your business, ITN is the Harvard of health coaching schools.

I’m proud to be an ITN graduate and fired up to pay it forward as a faculty member! I could have chosen any school but I chose ITN and that has changed everything.

- Shawn Stevenson, Host of The Model Health Show

If you are ready to start your dream career in the health industry as a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, click the button below to find out more about the scholarship and apply. 

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