passion based learning

stand out as an                
   and make more                   
as a specialist



These days, people are busy. They want a go-to expert that can help them with their specific health needs, fast!

That’s why specializing as a coach is so important.

It lets people know that you’re an expert in the one topic they need help with and it provides more credibility.

You can charge higher rates and stand out as a coach!

Passion Based Learning

Passion Based LearninG

Become a Specialist,
Not Just Another Coach

At ITN, we offer Passion Based Coaching where you will choose from 8 different specialist certifications after you finish your core Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach program.

This means you’ll walk away with a second coach certification - where you stand out as an expert AND charge higher rates - at no additional cost!

Think of it like going to grad school – except way more fun.

choose from 8 different,
in-demand specialist courses

To Stand Out and Be Higher Paid

  • Certified Autoimmune Coach
  • Certified Diabetes Coach
  • Certified Digestive Health Coach
  • Certified Cancer Coach
  • Certified Hormone Coach
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • Certified Weight Loss Coach
  • Certified Mental Wellness Coach

And remember, we include the course of your choice at no additional cost as part of our Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach course!

Book a call with one of our Admission Specialists who can answer any questions you have about Passion Based Learning!

ITN gave me the confidence to define myself and my business in a way that allowed me to help way more women and within 6 months of graduating as a specialist, I have 10x'd my monthly income and am now earning multiple-5 figures per month consistently & growing. 

- Jenn Cino

Before ITN, I blended in with most coaches and wasn't able to let my passion shine. It felt like a constant hustle trying to stand out without a niche.

"I have 10x'd my monthly income and am now earning multiple-5 figures per month consistently and growing."


How to Become a
                   Health & Nutrition Coach:


Experience a modern-day certification course. 

Enjoy your dream career (and your dream life)!