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At ITN, we believe that in order to become a successful Health Coach, you should be equipped with an education that leaves you feeling confident, credible, and ready to build a career that allows you to do something that matters in the world, fulfills your purpose, and lets you to live your best life.

All of our programs are taught by world leaders and experts in their field (only the best for you)! Our curriculum is unmatched and provides you with all the tools you need for ultimate success, such as a proven step-by-step coaching process, done-for-you protocols, powerful action guides, effective business training, and unparalleled faculty, staff, and community support.

We’re honored you’re considering our school and we are here to help ensure your success! If you’re ready to start living your best life, look no further. Welcome home, your ITN family awaits you.

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With our proven coaching and business building processes, you can quickly grow your current coaching business, start a new one, or even begin a new career doing something in the world that fills your heart and ignites your spirit.

Whether you are a deeply caring person who is new to health coaching and considering a new career or a current health coach or health professional, you will discover new ideas, systems, processes, and done for you materials so you can coach with confidence and credibility, grow your business, and leave your legacy so you can not only make a living, you can make a difference.



Certified Transformational
Nutrition Coach (CTNC) Program




Master Certified
Health Coach (MCHC) Program

Industry Leaders Love ITN
Industry Leaders Love ITN
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