ABOUT the institute of transformational nutrition

We’re about helping you become a                                  
and                   coach

Successful, Credible, 


We’re about helping you become a                                  
and                  coach

Successful, Credible, 


ITN is the modern-day coaching school for forward-thinking coaches (and those who want to become one).

We're a dedicated legion of passionate coaches who see the worn out, old-world method of nutrition coaching as being at the core of everything (yes, everything) that's wrong with the health and wellness world today. We believe the world (and YOU) deserves so much more!

Our mission is to start a revolution to purge the world of the old-school method of nutrition coaching by understanding the modern-day definition of nutrition is so much more than just what you eat.

Join our ranks and create a life of purpose and affluence while changing the world by healing the people in it.

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While starter health coach schools provide a basic education on diets, mindfulness, and habit change, we provide a modern-day nutrition certification to ambitious people – just like you – who see the value and necessity of a new model of nutrition that includes physical, mental, and spiritual nutrition.

We offer simple, step-by-step courses that teach you how to confidently coach clients and build a successful business that changes the world and the people in it.

Here at the institute of transformational nutrition, our mission is to redefine nutrition and change how the world “feeds” itself through certifying the next generation of modern-day successful coaches.

Cynthia Garcia overcame poverty, abuse, and personal health struggles to become one of the most sought-after, successful coaches in the world. Now she’s helping others to do the same.

After growing up in a home filled with domestic abuse, drug use and extreme poverty, Cynthia Garcia struggled with eating disorders and health problems that left her clinically depressed and suicidal.

She sought out help from doctors, nutritionists, trainers, and healers of all types. They all had solutions but none of them worked.

After hitting rock bottom one night, Cynthia had a crystal-clear realization that she had an opportunity to redefine what we thought of as “nutrition”.

Frustrated that there wasn’t one place that fully educated students on all the essential principles of helping people “feed” themselves that included mental and spirit nutrition in addition to physical nutrition, Cynthia created the Institute of Transformational Nutrition.

Taking the principles she had used to heal her own body and reclaim her life, she has helped hundreds of thousands of people across the globe transform their body, mind, and spirit.

Cynthia built a thriving business and is recognized as a leader in the fields of health, coaching, and business. She has been featured on The Dr. Phil Show, The Doctors, and The TODAY Show and is continuously featured in leading publications.

She knows the best techniques, tips, and methods because she has used them. She knows how to write best-selling books, create award-winning product lines and in-demand programs because she’s done it. And now she’s sharing this knowledge with you through the Institute of Transformational Nutrition!

Are you ready to join Cynthia and become an integral part of ITN’s movement to redefine nutrition?


Transformational Nutrition® Is   

You’ve likely heard the term, “mind, body, spirit” but no one has offered a real way to integrate those areas into one proven system – until now. 

Transformational Nutrition is the revolutionary new model of health that blends physical, mental, and spiritual nutrition into one powerful and proven system of coaching. It redefines nutrition. It’s backed by science and shown to be effective.

More Than a Buzzword

BLENDING physical, mental, and spiritual nutrition 



Personalized Nutrition
Common Health Conditions
Functional Nutrition
Environmental Health
Genetics and Epigenetics
Exposome and Microbiome
And more!


Past Trauma
Mental Health
Behavioral Psychology
Emotional Eating
Gut-Brain Axis
And more!


Relationships & Connection
Basic Spiritual Needs
Managing Fear
Spiritual Practices & Rituals
The Role of Spirituality in Healing
Spiritual Transformation
And more!

Real coaches don’t just repeatedly ask their clients, “How’s it going? What do you want to work on today? Did you meet your goals from the last time we met or are you stuck?”

There’s a difference between a cheerleader and a coach. If you want to be successful as a coach, you must use a proven system that’s backed by science.

Coaching without a proven model is like going on a road trip with no destination. 

You might enjoy a nice drive but you’ll never actually get anywhere.







Studied for over 17 years 

Practiced by over 1 million people

Based on over 1,400 studies



You don’t have to have a sixth sense, or years of experience, or an advanced college degree in order to use the Transformational Nutrition Model. We’ve made it simple for everyone, everywhere!

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Let’s Be Clear…

The Transformational Nutrition model is a signature framework. However, it’s not cookie-cutter and is not a coaching script like outdated coaching schools share.  

This framework allows you to personalize a plan with your clients that allows them to feel seen, heard, and matter so they actually get results.

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We believe a rainbow would be boring without all the colors. We also believe the world would be less interesting, impactful, and meaningful without the wide range of people in it. 
We understand that it is diversity and a wide range of thoughts and backgrounds that create powerful transformation in the world.
We respect all races, religions, creeds, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, national origins, disabilities, and backgrounds and have a zero-tolerance policy for those who don’t.