ABOUT the institute of transformational nutrition

We’re about helping you become a                                  
and                        coach

Successful, Credible, 


We’re about helping you become a                                  
and                  coach

Successful, Credible, 

Highly Paid


Ambitious people who want to escape the 9-5 and launch a profitable health coaching businesses, making 6-figures in their first year - without guesswork – by using done-for-you coaching programs to get results and proven business systems to get clients effortlessly.

ITN was created for coaches by a coach – me.

ITN Was Created for Coaches by a Coach

I’m Cynthia Garcia.

ITN was created for coaches by a coach – me.

I was struggling with numerous health conditions that I couldn’t seem to find a fix for. 

Doctors, nutritionists, coaches, and other ‘experts’ only ever offered me cookie cutter diets, prescriptions and conflicting health advice that never seemed to work. 

Nothing worked. I felt broken and hopeless.

I had to enroll in multiple education programs to learn the in-depth science of nutrition, and then several others to learn the psychology & spirituality of health.

No one program was available that combined all three areas of health and I knew I needed to change that.

After years of research and working with thousands of clients, I created Transformational Nutrition, a simple step-by-step, proven health coaching process that blends science, psychology, and spirituality into one coaching system. It removed all the guesswork and got people life-changing results.

Using the power of Transformational Nutrition, I built a thriving business complete with best-selling books, in-demand programs, an award-winning supplement line, celebrity clients, corporate speaking engagements, and appearances on popular television shows as a nutrition expert.

This is the only step-by-step program available for effortlessly building your business and coaching your clients using the power of Transformational Nutrition.  

After numerous health challenges and hitting rock-bottom from burnout and working way too hard to make a living, I realized things had to change. 

The night I hit rock bottom I decided to take matters into my own hands. I knew I wasn’t the only one experiencing this and was determined to find a solution.

I built the Institute of Transformational Nutrition to share this powerful system with you and to make it easy for you to ditch the 9–5 and do work that gives you meaning while enjoying a 6-figure income and plenty of free time. 

If you’re ready to explore our world-class health coach certification program, click here. 

BLENDING physical, mental, and spiritual nutrition 

Transformational Nutrition® Is      

More Than a Buzzword


Everyone’s talking about “mind, body, spirit”, right? We all know you need all three areas to be healthy and get your clients results as a health coach.

But what almost no one understands is that it’s the combination of all three, at the same time in a proven system, that actually gets results.

And when you can offer this to your clients in a simple system that requires very little time, you can build a wildly successful coaching business while being seen as a go-to authority.

Transformational Nutrition® Is      


Transformational Nutrition is the revolutionary new model of health that blends physical, mental, and spiritual nutrition into one powerful and proven system of coaching. 

It’s backed by science, requires no guesswork, and it works to get your client lasting results so they refer their friends and family!

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While starter health coach schools provide a basic education on diets, mindfulness, and habit change, we provide a modern-day nutrition certification to ambitious people – just like you – who see the value and necessity of a new model of nutrition that includes physical, mental, and spiritual nutrition.

We offer simple, step-by-step courses that teach you how to confidently coach clients and build a highly-profitable business that changes the world and the people in it.

more than a starter health coach school


Often called 'the Harvard of Health Coaching schools', we take pride in offering the highest level of education, certifying confident, credible health coaches who go on to build successful businesses while making a significant impact on their clients' lives.

At ITN, you're part of something bigger.

Our students graduate as highly credible and confident Certified Health Coaches, equipped with the skills and knowledge to make a real difference in people's lives using the power of Transformational Nutrition.

When it comes to your health and career, you deserve more than the basic, cookie-cutter, generic education.

You’ll experience open/freestyle coaching labs, coaching Q&A labs, and breakout coaching labs where you will practice coaching skills in small groups and see expert coaching demonstrations with explanations and "play-by-play" breakdowns.

Plus, you’ll enjoy student led trainings around a variety of topics as well as expert trainings from leading industry professionals.

We give you a completely done-for-you coaching system with 12 weeks of sessions that includes a coaches guide (for you) and a workbook (for your client). The plan includes exact talking points, meal plans, handouts, supplement information, and so much more!

This turn key system eliminates all of the guesswork, so you can make money, coach with confidence, and get clients fast.

The education and certification you receive at ITN qualifies you to sit for the NBHWC board exam with no extra courses or training needed.

Other programs often require additional courses or training to qualify. We even offer a complimentary NBHWC Board Exam Study Guide to set you up for success.

Whether the support you need is technical, mindset, or business related, we’ve got you covered with your own personal coaching sessions.

No other program offers this level of personalized support to ensure your success as a Certified Health Coach.

You graduate with a certification, not just a certificate. There IS a difference.

When you graduate from The Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach Course (CTNC) you graduate with a certification and can call yourself a Certified Health Coach.

Many other schools advertise as “certifications” but when you read the fine print you will find you only get a “certificate of completion”. This does not qualify you to call yourself “Certified” and will likely result in you having to take (and pay for) another certification. 

Coach with confidence using The Transformational Nutrition Coaching Method™

Many programs leave students with little to no knowledge of how to apply what they've learned in practice. We hear it all the time.

At ITN, we teach you exactly how to confidently use your education when coaching your clients. We provide a comprehensive, done-for-you 12-week coaching method that removes all the guesswork. Every session, every step, is laid out for you. You’ll never have to worry about “what to say” to a client ever again.

We help you stand out as an expert in your niche with our specialty niche trainings.

At ITN, we offer 8 niche training options, allowing you to earn an additional specialist certification.

This not only enhances your credibility but also enables you to charge higher rates and help more people.

You're more than just a number - even after you graduate 

The Institute of Transformational Nutrition values each individual student for the difference they are about to make in the world.

We offer ongoing support – even AFTER you graduate! You will have life-long access to our private student community, a supportive faculty who is excited to answer every last one of your questions and continued updates as the Institute and industry continue to grow.

Ability to offer pharmaceutical grade supplements

As an ITN graduate, you qualify to offer your clients with top-of-the-line nutritional supplements through our researched-backed supplement partner. This also creates an additional stream of income for you!

Ability to order lab testing

As an ITN graduate, you will be able to order lab testing through our partners, all while staying within your scope of practice. This opportunity is not offered at other schools.

Monthly live business building labs with our CEO, Cynthia Garcia

Our CEO, Cynthia Garcia, has 19 years of experience building and running multiple 7 and 8-figure businesses. She knows what you need because she was once in your shoes.

Starting as a health coach, she built a wildly successful career as a nutrition expert. Cynthia has created the most comprehensive done-for-you business system and resources available, saving you time and money. (Included with the Business Building Blueprint only) 

Monthly live training with business experts

Enjoy coaching calls on getting clients, making money as a coach, choosing your niche, and building your business with experts who have proven success track records.

With this business training and Monthly live Business Coaching Labs with Cynthia herself, it's no wonder our graduates make an average of $177,498* in their first year as coaches (included with the Business Building Blueprint only).

We’re about certifying successful, confident, and in-demand health coaches.

After a slow morning waking up without the bzzz bzzz bzzz of the alarm, enjoying your green smoothie, and that yoga workout, your heart leaps with excitement as you drop the kiddos off at school and see yet ANOTHER paid client notification appear in your Inbox.

You head back to your home office, where you open your email. A smile crosses your face as you see an email from a customer saying, “you changed my life.” You take a deep breath and relax, knowing you’re finally doing work that feeds your soul.