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From Trauma To
To Teacher...

How Cynthia Pasquella-Garcia went from poverty, abuse, and personal health struggles to being one of the most sought-after, successful health coach educators in the world - and how she’s showing you how to do the same.


Cynthia grew up in extreme poverty, in an Appalachian mountain home with no running water, indoor plumbing, very little heat, and sparse food. She was surrounded by drugs, alcohol, and domestic abuse, and she was sexually abused at a young age.

Eating disorders and chronic health issues left Cynthia overweight, unhealthy, clinically depressed, and suicidal. She went to numerous doctors, nutritionists, coaches, healers, and other practitioners searching for answers, but they only offered cookie cutter diets and prescriptions, instead of a personalized health plan, that didn’t work.

One night, after hitting rock bottom, Cynthia decided suicide was the only way out. As she sat in the dark with the pills in her hands, completely broken and feeling hopeless and angry, demanding to know, “why me,” she had the realization that the things she had experienced in life had happened for her, not to her.

She understood in that moment that it was her purpose and her path to overcome her struggles and then share what she had learned with others.

She decided to take matters into her own hands.


Cynthia enrolled in a nutrition certification program, paying for her tuition using three credit cards since she had become so sick she could no longer work and her bank account was shrinking by the day. She knew she was investing in the only thing she had left to invest in – herself.

This was her make it or break it moment.

Desperate to help people get healthy, Cynthia found it difficult to find clients and start a business after graduating. These things weren’t fully covered in her certification program. Neither was in-depth science, individual motivation, personalized nutrition, effective coaching skills, and many other tools Cynthia quickly discovered she needed in order to become an effective coach. The theory she learned in school simply didn’t translate into practical action for her business or her clients.

Cynthia enrolled in numerous education programs, not able to find one that provided in-depth science, psychology, spirituality, or practical action instead of theory.

After years of research, healing her own health and working with thousands of clients, she put all of the pieces together and created “Transformational Nutrition", a simple step-by-step health coaching process that incorporates science, psychology, and spirituality and is designed to personalize health protocols for clients - something Cynthia was searching for in her own health struggle - with zero guesswork.

From Broken To Business Woman

Cynthia Pasquella-Garcia is now a celebrity nutritionist, transformation expert, best-selling author, in-demand speaker, TV and media personality, and philanthropist. She is the Founder and CEO of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition (ITN), a company that makes it easy for health coaches to do the work they love by teaching them a proven coaching process that leaves them confident and credible so they can be the powerful force in the world that they want to be.

Best Selling Author &
Web Series Creator and Producer

Cynthia is the author of the popular weight loss and transformation program, PINK Method, and the popular cookbook for your body and your life, The Hungry Hottie Cookbook.

These two books have collectively sold over a million copies worldwide.

Cynthia is currently working on her third book, a self-help memoir.

She’s the creator of the web show, “What You’re REALLY Hungry For,” a series that features the world’s leading experts including top athletes, authors, coaches, spiritual leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs, who uncover the secrets of what people are truly craving, so they can finally begin to fill the void created by their inner needs, wants, dreams, and deepest desires.

Transformational Trauma
creator & Expert

Cynthia is also the creator of the Transformational Trauma Technique - a technique that she developed to overcome the trauma in her own past and to help her clients overcome it in theirs.

This powerful technique has been used successfully for over a decade all over the globe and is taught exclusively at ITN.

One Of The Most Sought After Celebrity Health Coaches In The World

She has over 15 years of experience coaching thousands of private clients ranging from stay at home moms to celebrities and Fortune 500 CEO’s. Her corporate clients have included Morgan Stanley, Kodak, and Dean Witter, Discover & Co. She has helped people transform not just their bodies and their health but also their relationships and their businesses.

In-Demand TV And Media Personality

With her Southern charm and empowering approach, Cynthia is a contributor for several publications and media outlets including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Fitness Magazine, Shape, Cosmopolitan, New Beauty, Marie Claire, Experience Life, Elle, Women’s Health, and more.

She has appeared on television shows including the E! Network’s Revenge Body With Khloé Kardashian where she has served as the official nutritionist for all three seasons of the show.

She’s also guest starred on NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, The Doctors, The Dr. Phil Show, The Today Show, Access Hollywood, The View, Dr. Oz, The Talk, and E! News Live.


Recognized Philanthropist

Having come from humble beginnings, Cynthia recognizes the need to help others and give to those in need.

Knowing that education and the empowerment of women is a catalyst for change, Cynthia gives back to the Girl Power Project through the Just Like My Child Foundation which is aimed at responding to the challenges that adolescent girls face living in poverty by building schools and empowering girls to achieve their dreams. She is a recipient of the Just Like My Child Foundation’s Children’s Champion award.

Cynthia also established the Sergeant Zak Garcia Scholarship Fund at ITN in honor of her husband, a combat veteran.

Personal Life & Purpose

Cynthia is a leader and an inspiration born of her own personal history.

She is happily married, has two children, and lives in Los Angeles and Portland.



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