Do you want to do work that matters? Something that’s meaningful?

At ITN, we’re committed to redefine nutrition through certifying the next generation of successful coaches. 

We provide a modern-day nutrition certification to ambitious people who see the value and necessity of a new model of nutrition that includes physical, mental, and spiritual nutrition.

We’re Team Centered And Individually Accountable

We are a small but mighty team and every member handles their part of the business so the company runs smoothly. 

We want each team member to feel empowered and in control of what they do each day so you will take a part of the business and make it yours.

What We Value:

Innovation – We’re interested in what’s next, not just what’s now. 

Simplicity – We use our resources wisely and don’t make things complicated. 

Fun – We believe having fun while changing the world is non-negotiable. 

Accountability – We hold ourselves accountable and constantly look for opportunities to grow. 

Integrity – We tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Respect – We use respect to build trust, safety, and well-being.

How We Work


We Work Remotely

Our entire team is remote and we intend to keep it that way. We believe people are more productive when they’re in an environment they’re comfortable in. We simply ask that you have high-speed internet and a reliable and quiet space where you can focus.


We Take Time Away

Time away works differently at ITN. We don’t have a prescribed 9-to-5 workday, so we don’t have prescribed time off policies for team members, either. We don’t set a holiday and vacation schedule, so you can observe what’s important to you—including when your mind, body, and spirit need a break. We believe in working effectively, not harder. We also require one self-care day each month.


We Value Diversity

The Institute of Transformational Nutrition values and celebrates diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. We believe that in creating teams made up of individuals with various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, it inspires innovation, collaboration, and challenges us to produce better solutions for our students.