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3 Must-Know Tips to Launch a Profitable Membership Program

As coaches, we want to provide guidance and support for our clients while also creating a sense of connection and community.

One of the simplest, easiest ways to do that is to offer a membership or subscription-based program!

Launching a membership program can give you more freedom and let you focus on what matters to you the most as a coach.

It can also be highly profitable and create more predictability in your business. 


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ITN founder Cynthia Garcia has three main tips for how to create a successful membership program.

It’s crucial to attract members, enroll them, and then deliver (or over-deliver) on what you’ve promised.

Cynthia shares tangible action items to get people signed up, tips for how to authentically engage with members online, and simple ways that you can over-deliver and impress the program participants.

She also touches on how to build a cohesive program that builds on content each month, as well as advice for how to keep members active and interested in the community that you’ve built.


Listen to Episode 034 to Discover...
  • The several benefits of having a membership program
  • Tips, tricks, and things to avoid when launching your new program
  • How a subscription-based offering can actually help you land more one-on-one clients 
  • Why it’s so important to build your email list (and how to do so!)
  • How to plan monthly challenges and create engaged accountability groups


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