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3 Personal Branding Tips to Help You Make More Money

The Importance of Personal Branding

Personal branding is a crucial part of building and shaping a nutrition coaching business. However, not many coaches truly understand what it takes to build a strong personal brand.

So think of it this way — when you think about going to the grocery store and grabbing things like yogurt, bread, frozen fruit, cinnamon, do you automatically think of a specific brand that you always grab?

Maybe you always grab the same coffee creamer, or the same tortillas.

You don’t even need to think as you walk down the aisle of the grocery store to grab that item. Your brain subconsciously registers the colors and fonts of the products, the packaging the products come in, etc. You can quickly grab and go because you trust that brand.

Now, of course, your coaching business is not the same as a coffee creamer. However, building a personal brand has the same effect.

Your personal brand shows people who you are, what you can do for them, and it helps them trust you.

The 3 C’s of your personal brand

At its core, personal branding comes down to 3 key actions — clarity, consistency, and constancy.

Clarity: How easy is it to understand who you are, what you do, and why people should purchase your products?

Consistency: Does your messaging come across as uniform, or do you often switch styles?

Constancy: Do you show up every day in front of your audience?

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A warning on personal branding

Now, keep in mind a couple of things…

First of all, your brand will evolve and change as YOU evolve and change. Don’t be afraid to adapt your personal brand so that it continues to feel right for you.

Second of all, none of this should require you creating something. You don’t create a personal brand. What is there to create?! Your personal brand is YOU. Instead, your personal brand must be discovered.

Listen to Discover...
  • How to practically implement the “3 C’s” of personal branding into your business
  • How to keep your messaging consistent even as you evolve as a coach 
  • The #1 mistake Cynthia sees coaches make when it comes to personal branding 
  • Examples of how simple, concise language helps attract the right clients 
  • Questions to ask yourself when cultivating your personal brand 
  • Ways to measure your branding impact and consistency

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Read the transcript for this episode:

[00:00:00] Cynthia Garcia: Ask yourself. Why do you have a passion for helping others? Why do you care? What do you want to do this as a career? And then how can you help them 

Welcome back to the Transformational Nutrition Podcast, the podcast that is redefining nutrition as anything that eats you physically, mentally and spiritually. I’m your host. Cynthia Garcia, the founder and CEO of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. 

Now in today’s episode, I am going to be sharing three of my best cab branding tips so that you can make great money as. But the first step that many people want to take after becoming a coach is to start their own coaching business.

They want to make money, get clients and start helping people. But then they realize, wait a minute, how am I going to do that? How are people even going to know who I am or what I. I know when I first started coaching my clients, it was hard because I didn’t have any sort of authority. I didn’t have a lot of previous experience to show my prospective clients.

I just had this burning desire to help people not have to struggle with their health. Like I had struggled with mine. That’s where personal branding comes in. Now, listen, I know sometimes we hear personal branding and you think, oh, what does that mean? What does personal branding? But let’s keep it simple.

Uh, personal brand is who you are, what you stand for, the values you embrace and the way that you actually express those values, your personal brand communicates your unique identity and the clear value that you offer to potential clients. It sets you apart from other coaches. It helps you get clear on your niche, and it’s the first thing that will help you to get more clients.

Now, if that is still just too much to wrap your head around, think about it like this. Personal branding is ultimately your story. Who are you? What brought you to do this work? And what do you do to help others that is unique. Your personal brand should highlight your strengths, establish your reputation, build trust, and communicate the unique attributes that you bring to COVID.

Listen, perhaps you’re a young mom who was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and you had to find your own way back to health while managing two kids. And you discovered things in the process that changed everything. And now you want to share those with others, or maybe you’re in your forties. You’re climbing the corporate ladder and you’ve struggled with her weight, your entire life and during the mental health concerns that it triggered until finally.

You found a way out, what is that story and how can you uniquely share it with others? If you take these things and you integrate them with some things that you just personally enjoy as a person. So for example, me, I like books and I really enjoy shoes. Now we’re off and running. I understand people understand me, what I do and who I am as a person.

Right now, one more thing about personal branding, and then we’re going to dive into these three tips. Your personal brand can and will change. Mine certainly has. Over the years, I started out with weight loss and mental health basics, because that was a struggle that I had gone through. Since then I’ve become a parent I’ve evolved and become CEO of two coaching schools.

I’m an advisor to startups and investor. And then I run a couple of other businesses on the side. So while it’s important for me to put time and effort into my brand, I don’t overthink it. And I don’t think, oh my gosh, I got to set it and lock it in because this is who I’m going to be forever, because that is just not true.

And it’s not true for you. Either you will grow, you will learn, you will evolve. And ideally you do that with the audience that you want to serve. So. Don’t spend so much time on a logo or colors or what have you, because those things can and do change just like you, right? This is a process. Don’t overthink it.

Now let’s look at the top three tips that I learned along the way that helped me build a great personal brand that not only got me clients, it got me.

Let’s pause for a moment and hear from one of our certified transformational nutrition coaches, Sarah joy, you’re going to discover how Sarah’s background and her life experiences set her on track to becoming a coach.

[00:04:37] Sarah Joy: My personal health journey started after the 2008 crash. At that time, I was newly married with a toddler and thanks to the crash. Me and my then husbands lives completely fell apart. I had a sudden onset of symptoms about six months after, and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2008. My health slowly declined yearly after that, as my conditions worse.

And I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I was overtaken by anxiety and panic attacks. I had severe fatigue and about 25 other symptoms. Thanks to all of these symptoms. I could no longer work drive, go to the grocery store, play with my kids. And honestly, I can barely take care of my family.

I basically exhausted both medical systems, Eastern and Western after battling we’re about eight long years, I completely gave up hope and I decided to let my illness kill me, but the universe had a different plan. My brother was released from 10 years in prison in August of 2016. He had a hard time reacclimating to society.

He also struggled with his health daily, especially low energy. He ended up turning to drugs to cope. And after a run in with a Sheriff’s department, three days before his 39th birthday, he was shot 14 times and ended up dying in an SUV and a ditch on the side of the road. This tragedy changed my life literally forever.

I fortunately. Use this tragedy to propel me into a better life. And it ended up reviving my hope and renewing my fight to live again because it showed me how short life really is. That’s when I decided to move out file for divorce and enroll in school for.

[00:06:49] Cynthia Garcia: So you can think of these as the three CS for personal branding. Okay. They are clarity, consistency, and constancy. Let’s start with clear the last thing that you want a prospective client to think when they visit your website or they land on your social media is. What does this person actually do? And you might be thinking, I don’t know, Cynthia, like it, it says it right there.

Like it tells people what I do. Are they really going to be confused? The answer is, yes. Listen, you’ve got about two seconds when a new person lands on your page to make an impression that is so good and so clear that they want to keep listening and reading and. If they see your profile or your website, and they get even a little bit confused, there is a much higher probability that they’re just going to move on and click the next person’s profile or website, rather than trying to figure out yours.

They don’t have time for that. And honestly, they’re probably distracted from the moment they land there. Anyway, they’re probably multitasking or they’re on their phone or something happens or, you know, we are so. Distracted these days. So they’re probably halfway reading what you’ve put on there in the first place.

People like for things to be really simple, they want to know exactly how you are going to help them. And look, I get it when you’re first starting out. All the big fancy words and the cute language that you think will pull people in and make them go, oh, look at her. Look at him, look at them. Look at all these, these fun words.

They must be great to hang out with. Let’s cut to the chase. They aren’t looking for friends. They’re looking for a coach more specifically, they’re looking for someone who can get them results that they so desperately. So don’t use what I like to call $100 words when a $2 word will do, or another way we say it here at ITN is don’t build the spaceship to cross the road.

It’s simply unnecessary and it’s just confusing for people, right. Instead be clear, be concise, but don’t be clever if you’re a sleep coach and the first headline on your website reads, I put people through. Your visitor’s just going to be confused. Are you a coach or a hypnotist? I don’t know. And they’re probably going to leave.

It’s cute. Sure. But it’s not very clear your visitors looking for help. They have the pain point of not sleeping. They don’t have time to figure out your sense of humor. They just want solutions. Right. That’s what they’re looking for. Tell people exactly who you are and what makes you different and keep it very simple so that nothing gets lost in translation.

If they were to come to your site as a sleep coach. And instead of the cute thing that you, that I read you earlier, I hope put poodle asleep. Instead, your website says something along the lines of I help exhausted new parents. Finally get that solid eight hours of sleep that they so desperately are longing for without expensive supplements, prescription medication, or meditating for hours on end.

I’m in like I’m home. Yes. Please tell me everything. I know exactly what you. I know exactly who you help. I know the exact result you’re going to get me that covered eight hours of sleep that I so desperately need. And I know that I’m not going to have to jump through hoops, buy expensive supplements, get on prescription medications or meditate for hours on end just to get it.

Do you see how much more clear that. Right. We’re just being honest and we’re using real words. Let me give you another example of things that I see coaches do, that you should stop doing and a way to do it better. So there is a coach that I worked with on her copy and it was on this particular thing where it was like, I help people do this thing.

So when you landed on her website, it said something along the lines of, I help overweight women breakthrough to the life and weight of their dreams by discovering the journey back to home. That’s confusing. I don’t know what she did. She helps overweight women, but I don’t know what it means to break through to the life and weight of their dreams.

Right? Is it that the life that they want is being at their current way, because that’s really the weight of their dreams and they are on this journey back to wholeness. Like, I don’t even know who this person is and now we’re going on a road trip. Do you know what I mean? That’s, it’s just too unclear. I have no idea what that means.

So. Long story short, we worked on that with her and what she ended up walking away with was this on her website. You pull it up and it now says I help fed up overweight women who refuse to go on one more diet, finally lose weight. So they no longer have to feel like the biggest girl in the room. And that’s pretty straightforward, right?

I help women who refuse to go on one more diet, finally lose weight. So they no longer have to feel like they’re the biggest girl in the room. That’s, that’s what I want. I know exactly who this person helps. I know exactly the client she wants to work with. It’s those people who were fed up, they are not going on one more diet.

They’re not going to do it, but I know the result is that they’ll finally lose weight and they don’t have to feel like the biggest girl in the room anymore. Be clear, not clever you can do in all them later when you’re working with them one-on-one and getting them great results. The, but for now they just want information and they want it fast.

So be clear.

All right. Let’s check back in with Sarah. Last time we heard from her, she had just decided to change her life completely. So now let’s find out how and why she decided to enroll at the Institute of transformational nutrition. Um,

[00:12:50] Sarah Joy: when I signed up for college in 2017, I knew I wanted to do something in the health industry, but I wasn’t sure what I thought I wanted to become a registered dietician. But after one look at the food guide pyramid and the government nutrition website, I knew that was not the way I wanted to teach people to eat my counselors.

And I looked all over. The nation for colleges. And I didn’t like any of the health programs that I saw. So one day I was making lunch and I put on the model health show and I heard Cynthia and she started sharing her story about ITN and why and how she started ITN. And I was just lit up inside. It was like angels started singing.

And it was my answer. I knew it. And there was just no doubt. And I was just filled with so much happiness and I knew that joining ITN was exactly what I needed to do next. So I signed up immediately and because ITN is accredited, my counselors were able to add it to my transfer and graduation plan. I finished out two more semesters.

At regular college while starting the CTN C chorus at the same time. And I had a duel graduation December of 2019. And honestly that was the best month of my life.

[00:14:22] Cynthia Garcia: Now number two is consistency. Let’s talk about consistency. Let’s say you’re a coffee drinker and you have this favor can of coffee and you brew it every morning. And it is an experience you reach in the cabinet, you get the bag, you open it up, you smell the beans. Like you feel the texture of the bed.

Even the color of this bag makes you happy. It is your vibe. It’s who you are. You trust this coffee, right? No, you like it. You trust it. Well, let’s say one day you run out of the. And you go to the grocery store to buy more. You go to your usual place where you pick it up, thinking at no brainer, I’ll just grab the bag, toss it in my car and be on my way.

But today is not that day friend. You walk up and now there’s something that looks like your coffee, but the logo is a little diff. And the colors are a little different and the copy on the package is a little bit different and you think, well, that’s weird, but you get the coffee anyway, thinking surely it’s just something silly, no big deal.

And you go home and the next morning you brew the coffee. It’s a little odd. The bag looks different, feels a little bit cheap. Coffee beans don’t have the same aroma. You brew the coffee and it’s not quite the same. It’s a little bitter, you think? Huh? I must’ve got the wrong thing. That’s all right, I’ll go back later.

You go back to the grocery store and now there’s not just that one different product. There’s a few different products, but all the colors are a little bit different. And the copy is just a little off, right. Instead of saying dark roast or breakfast blend, like it said before now it says fresh and exciting are wholesome and vital.

And you’re like, I don’t know what’s going on here. Right. What’s happening is you’re starting to lose trust in this coffee. You’re not even real sure this is coffee. Like, did these people even know how to make coffee anymore? What happened now? Obviously you’re not a bag of coffee, but the idea here is the same.

You want people to become familiar and comfortable with who you are and what you do and how you do it. And to do this, you need to make sure things are consistent across your website. Your social media channels. Even when you show up and introduce yourself to people, or you meet with clients, not only does this, help them understand who you are and what you have to offer, but it makes you more credible.

It makes you more trusted because you show up the same way all the time. I know what I’m getting with you, right. And that makes me feel like I can trust you. I can take that leap and you can. Brand consistency also applies to things like your font, your colors, your language, just the overall vibe that you give off to people who visit your website or your social profiles.

If you’re always changing these things, it’s going to confuse your audience and make you less trustworthy. I mean, listen, if you can’t even keep your website and your messaging the same, how do I know that the quality is going to be the same Cadillac, that cup of coffee, right? How do they know what they’re going to get?

Is it going to be the coffee they want? Something new that tastes a little off a great measure of your brand consistency is the reputation that others hold the view. Notice how people introduce you to other people. Right. You can even ask them, you know, what do you think I do for a living? If they can easily tell you, and it’s consistent across the board, then you’ve succeeded in branding.

You, Jeff Bezos says branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. Are they all saying the same thing? Are they all telling the same story? If not, you’ve got some work. Finally let’s visit constancy. Constancy means being faithful and dependable. Now this is something that I see a lot of new coaches struggle with because they don’t want to annoy their followers or email their lists too often, or they just don’t have the confidence to show up.

But listen, you can’t expect to post on Instagram or on your blog once or twice a month and build a loyal audience. You got to show up constantly. You need to share your personal brand over and over and over and over. And over again. In fact, whenever you get new followers, it won’t even hurt. If you want to hop on your stories and re-introduce your.

The more you can show up and help people understand very clearly who you are and what you offer the better. And remember, don’t keep changing your messaging. Don’t keep thinking. You have to say it a different way every time it’s saying it the same way every time that creates consistency, right? The second C.

So make sure that you have the same message once you figure out how you want others to think of you. You got to show up that way every day, everywhere, all this. For example, I believe that everything is possible. I help people create lives and businesses that are so good. They’re only jealous of themselves.

There is nothing that can stand in your way if you are determined. And I believe that I know it. In fact, it is my mission in life to inspire people, to rewrite their stories that hold them back by being an example of what was possible. When I rewrote my. Everything is possible. That is the core of my brand.

Right? So let’s say one day now that you know that let’s say one day I show up on Instagram and I’m like, you know, I don’t know if everything is, I mean, sure. Some things are possible. You could probably do. I mean, not all of you could do it, but maybe some of you could. People might be like, wait, who are you?

And what did you do with Cynthia? Like, this is what that is just a major amount of confusion. Right? I mean, think about some of the well established brands out there. What if Oprah showed up and not that I am comparing myself to Oprah because I mean, that’s not even a thing. Let’s just all tell the truth, but let’s just think about some of these bigger brands that you’re now familiar with.

Let’s say Oprah showed up and was like, yeah. I don’t know that you need to live your best life. I don’t know that you do. I mean, why not live your worst life? See how it goes. What could possibly go wrong? You’d be like, wait a minute. No, this is, this is not right. Right. It’s like the band Volvo. What if they showed up one day and was like, I dunno, the safety matters.

We used to think it did, but maybe now not so much. Or if Tesla was like, I mean, we thought electric cars were the way to go, but can’t figure out everything all the time. We’re going back to gas powered. I mean, come on. Right. You get the idea you want to show up and exhibit constancy. So those are your three CS.

Now with all of that being said, I got to tell you something that is so important. When it comes to creating a personal brand. And in fact, I kind of just said it, and I wonder if you picked up on it. It’s the number one mistake that I see people make when it comes to creating a brand. I said it again. Do you know what it is?

It’s creating a brand. New coaches and entrepreneurs often get so excited because I get to create this whole new brand and vision of themselves. They get to share it on social media. They get to use it to market their business. And that becomes a problem because you can not create a personal brand. You have to discover it.

It’s true. Most of us, most people go out when they’re new to coaching or they’re new to their business and they see other coaches or other business owners and they think, well, that person has a dialed in. I’ll just do what they do. I’ll say things the way they see them. I’ll I’ll just take their values.

Those look good. Those are the, those are mine. I believe in those things. And then you’re out of integrity and you wonder why you feel like an imposter. You can not create a personal brand. You’ve got to discover it and then share it. Integrating the three CS that I shared earlier. This isn’t always easy.

And I know that in fact, it’s probably easier just to go copy somebody else’s brand and try to be somebody else. It’s true. Listen. Many of us have been so busy being who other people wanted us to. That many of us have forgotten who we are. We forgotten the things that we value, the things that really bring us joy and light us up.

We have forgotten and left behind parts of us. So take some time and do some soul searching, understand who you are and what you’ve been through and what you want to take a stand for. What’s important to you and what really isn’t what’s that hill you’re willing to die on. And what’s the one thing if given the opportunity.

That you would share with the world just to bring it back to lady. Oh, Oprah. What do you know for sure. And a great way to figure all of this out is to start at the beginning. What is your story? What are your unique experiences that have shaped you into who you are? And listen, don’t skimp on this, write it all down.

Where’d you come from? What were the milestones that happened in your life that influenced your personality and the way you act and the way you believe in the way you think and the things that you value ask yourself? Why do you have a passion for helping others? Why do you care? What do you want to do this as a career?

And then how can you help them? What knowledge or expertise do you bring to the table that can make other people’s lives better? What have you been through and what have you learned in the process? Listen, this might take some time and that’s okay. You want to make sure that your audience and your prospective clients know exactly who you are, what you do and why you do it.

This should just be a natural extension of your. Okay. If you start to branch off and think of things that don’t feel right to you or what you’re trying to offer, get rid of those things, refocus and realign with who and what you are. A good test of this can be how you feel when you show up on social media.

Now let me just say it’s okay to be nervous when you’re putting yourself out there. That’s okay. I still feel nervous at times too, but do you feel that. Or do you feel like you’re trying to be something that you’re not, if you show up and you express yourself just as you are, and it all feels natural, even though you’re nervous, then that’s great.

But if it feels unnatural or you start that to get that twins of imposter syndrome, take some time to reevaluate your brand and rediscover what it is that you really want to share with others. And sometimes that involves rediscovering yourself along the way. All right. Let’s bring Sarah back one last time to share what her life looks like now as a transformational nutrition coach, you’ll find out how she got past her fear of starting and what her biggest moments of six tests have been since launching her coaching business.

[00:25:14] Sarah Joy: So now I coach women also suffering from thyroid conditions to help them restore their health, happiness, and lives in my 90 day program energy for life. And. I was very nervous. I’ve never been a business owner. I, you know, I, I’ve never been a CEO and I didn’t know, I really am still learning how to run a business all the way.

And you can’t let that stop you. If you have a passion. For helping changing people’s lives, serving them. If this is your calling, you can’t hold yourself back. You got to get out of your own way and you have to do the uncomfortable thing. Your strength is really on the other side of your affairs. I never knew that becoming a CEO and coach was going to set me on my own path of personal discovery.

Since I launched coach Sarah joy and mark. Of 2020, this path of overcoming my insecurities, imposter syndrome, money, lack and more has been the greatest blessing in my life and my clients. My biggest moment of success up until this point has been signing three new clients and one week, or having a $9,000 a week.

My second biggest moment of success is always having the pleasure of watching my clients get better and their symptoms subside. There was nothing better to me than helping people restore their glow. Honestly, that has been pricing.

[00:27:11] Cynthia Garcia: All right. At the end of the day, remember your personal brand is just who you are and why you’re here. Right? Tell about your journey. And talk about how you can help these clients remember to allow your brand to shape and adapt as you grow. And don’t be afraid to share it often. Remember those three CS, clarity, consistency, and constancy, and you’ll be one step closer to reaching your ideal audience and getting clients so that you make great money while making a difference.

And if you’re interested in becoming a coach, this is a great time to become a student at ITN because we just launched our brand new success series, where every month we’re launching a free masterclass for any new students, look with all of the challenges of the past few years. We are even more dedicated to our mission of certifying successful transformational, nutrition, coaches, your success.

Is our success. So for a limited time, we are offering a powerful new masterclass this month to help you make great money fast and enjoy a new career as a coach. Check out all the details on our site at Thanks so much for tuning in today. I hope you enjoyed this episode.

You can grab all the show notes and resources for this episode over at thank you again for your time. And I will see you right back here again. Next.


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