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THIS is How You Really Make Money as a Nutrition Coach

The #1 question we hear from people who are considering a career as a nutrition coach is, “But, how am I going to make money?”

And, we get it! You have bills to pay, a family to feed, and you’re craving the financial freedom you deserve.

Here at ITN, the success of our students fuels everything we do and teach. We want our students to be successful because that means that we are successful. So, we teach you exactly how to make money as a coach.

How? Well, CEO and Founder Cynthia Garcia has gone through every step of the process already, and now she’s teaching you the tips, tricks, and advice that took her years to learn.

What started out as Cynthia’s own health and wellness journey turned into certifying over 30,000 coaches with her signature ITN methodology, mainstream media coverage, book deals, and more.

There’s no such thing as an overnight success, though.

Cynthia shares how she started off by charging $300/hour for private coaching and eventually offered group coaching at $97/month in order to reach more clients and avoid burnout. 

In this episode, she walks you through a detailed breakdown — including number of clients, hourly rate, time off, and more — to show you how to make money in the best, most sustainable way.


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Nowadays, the nutrition coaching space is constantly changing, and there are so many opportunities to break through in creative ways.

Cynthia provides tools and tricks for how to make a name for yourself as a nutrition coach and make the salary of your dreams.

However, it doesn’t stop with just coaching clients 1:1! If you have a passion for health and wellness but want to explore other options — like starting a podcast, writing a book, hosting retreats — no worries! We cover that in the episode, too. 

Listen to Episode 024 to Discover...
  • Exactly how (and why) Cynthia started her coaching career 
  • How our program takes the guesswork out of becoming a successful coach 
  • Detailed breakdowns to help you visualize exactly how much you can earn as a coach 
  • How to keep growing your businesses without having to sacrifice all of your time
  • Several different career options for nutrition coaches 

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