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Have High Anxiety? Here’s Why

Nobody likes to feel anxious. It’s just the truth. Nobody wants to be experiencing high anxiety to the point where it affects their daily life, makes them cancel plans with loved ones, or prevents them from reaching their fullest potential.

But unfortunately, a lot of people do. And, they have no idea why.

That’s why, on this episode, ITN founder and CEO Cynthia Garcia is discussing the link between high anxiety and trauma.

Unresolved trauma can lead to experiencing stress and anxiety, but because of how our body reacts to trauma, you may never be able to pinpoint it as the reason for your stress.

Cynthia shares how she helped one of her clients process the trauma that was triggering her anxiety and ways that you can do the same.

She explains the neurological reaction that humans have to traumatic events and how that can manifest itself as anxiety, even though we might feel like our responses don’t have any rhyme or reason. 

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If you’re tired of feeling anxious every single day about things that make no sense to you, it may be time to pause and reflect on the bigger reason why this is happening to you.

Trauma is scary, and it’s extremely specific to each individual that goes through it.

We’ll equip you with the tools and tactics you need to discover what’s bringing you down and move past it safely.


Listen to Episode 025 to Discover...
  • Why it’s important to become aware of your anxiety triggers and how to do so 
  • The body’s biological response to trauma
  • Tools to help process the feelings that come after experiencing trauma
  • How anxiety is linked to trauma and why this is crucial to healing
  • The power of speaking and writing about your trauma 

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