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When it comes to building a business, it really doesn’t matter if you can write great copy, build a strong personal brand, or know how to price and scale your business. The #1 most important factor to creating a successful career is simple — your mindset.

On today’s episode, Cynthia Garcia is giving a sneak peek into the first lesson of ITN’s 6-Step Business-Building Blueprint.

Over her 17 years in the nutrition coaching industry, Cynthia has seen that the number one factor that determines the success of a business is a coach’s mindset.

That’s why in this six-step course, she starts off by helping coaches get in the right headspace, establish their mission, and tap into their purpose. 


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The concept of having a successful mindset is pretty simple, but there’s actually a lot of inner work that goes into combatting doubts, fears, and insecurities.

In the clip that she shares from the course, she breaks down how to rewire beliefs and put your CEO mindset into action. She explains the two key components of cultivating a successful mindset and provides strategies for implementing them right away. 

Listen in to learn more about the foundation of what it takes to be a strong, confident, and successful coach.


Listen to Episode 036 to Discover...
  • How Cynthia’s humble childhood influenced her entrepreneurial path 
  • Why Cynthia decided to create ITN and scale her holistic approach to nutrition 
  • The key factor to getting out of your own way and launching your business 
  • A preview of part one of the Business-Building Blueprint course 
  • What you can expect to learn in the remaining Business-Building Blueprint courses


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