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Dr. Mike Dow on Brain Health, Ketamine, Psychotherapy, and Holistically Improving Your Mental Wellness

This week, Cynthia Garcia is joined by New York Times bestselling author, psychotherapist, functional nutritionist, and now psychedelic therapist Dr. Mike Dow.

Dr. Dow takes what he calls the ‘whole person approach’ to healing and shares his perspective on cravings, brain health, sustainable routines, and psychedelic medicine. 


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There’s a lot of stigma and misinformation out there about ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, but Dr. Dow breaks down the short term and long term benefits and walks listeners through what to expect from a medicine session.

He clarifies who this type of therapy is ideal for and shares amazing breakthroughs that his clients have experienced. 

Dr. Dow and Cynthia also discuss the power of narrative psychology, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy techniques, and tips for coaches who want to launch their career in the mental health space.


Listen to Episode 037 to Discover...
  • The #1 tip Dr. Mike Dow has for overcoming your sugar cravings and improving your relationship with food
  • The simple way to permanently rewire the thought patterns that drive your behavior
  • Dr. Mike Dow’s “911 toolbox” for working through day-to-day mental health issues
  • A practical breakdown of what psychedelics really are and why they are coming into the mental health conversation
  • What research says about the long-term effects of ketamine therapy 
  • An example of how a psychedelic therapy session with Dr. Mike Dow actually works
  • Certain conditions that are incompatible with psychedelic medicine


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