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ITN Student Success: Solomon Berezin

Solomon Berezin


Meet soon-to-be Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Solomon Berezin!

Solomon is one of our amazing ITN students who followed the calling of his heart to become a Health Coach!

As he continues to learn and grow as a person and as a Health Coach, he continues to find fulfillment in helping and inspiring others.

From a collegiate basketball player to enrolling in the Institute of Transformational Nutrition, Solomon has paved a path that is leading him to create a massive impact in this world and build a career that ignites his passion!

Read on to find out more about Solomon’s journey!


I have not yet started health coaching but should be finishing up the certification by the end of August.

Since high school, I have experience in coaching basketball camps, but I learned that I am more interested in the mental and emotional parts of coaching.

I think when those facets are treated first — the physical aspects take care of themselves.


When I was going through the lesson about creating my niche, I felt that I would be best at helping those similar to my younger self and the things I have experienced so far in my life — where nutrition and health had a significant impact.

My dream is to work with high schoolers determining what to study and where to go for school. I also hope to work with college students and post-college young adults who have uncertainty about what they’d like to do with their lives.

I have heard that my niche will continue to grow and change, so I am also eager to see who I can help the most.

Solomon Berezin


Nearly a year ago, I was recovering from a concussion, moving up to Dallas for my final year of eligibility of college basketball, and getting ready to start an MBA program at The University of Dallas.

I noticed that when I was moving into a new apartment, there was so much stress and anxiety in me, and I wasn’t sure where it was coming from.

Luckily, my courses were online, and I was able to come back to Houston to take care of my parents’ home while they went out of town.

When I was home, I meditated and journaled about what I had experienced because I felt that if I have an additional year to study and play ball, I should be excited — I wasn’t.


At the same time, I started up the online MBA courses and noticed that it took so much unnecessary effort – strain – that I knew was no longer necessary.

I questioned my intention for being in it and came to the honest opinion that the only reason I was in it was that I had an additional year to play ball.

Now that I no longer was playing at the school, it did not make sense to me. I was also beginning to bring consciousness to areas of my life and determining the different emotions and thoughts I had around my actions.

One thing I became aware of was that I would strain to do the course work, where I would spend hours on end in the zone learning about things I had a natural inclination to – nutrition, psychology, spirituality, quick learning, mindset, passion, epigenetics, meditation, how to listen to myself, and the list goes on.


I honored what I was beginning to feel and made the longest journey I have ever taken — the 18 inches from my head to my heart.

I had previously heard of this quote, but now I knew what it meant. For the first time in my life, I had made my own conscious decision.

I will add that just because this was a pivotal moment, I still had struggled often with releasing limiting beliefs and worries I had, but I stuck with it because that decision felt so true.

That was the beginning of, as Paulo Coelho would call, “the journey of my own personal legend.” I knew I had these wonderful concepts of interest and meditated on what I could do with them.


In July 2018, a month before I made this decision, I was interested in starting a podcast because I love having meaningful conversations with people doing things in and of itself, not as a means to an end.

I was beginning to converse with awesome people and felt the desire podcasters have for reviews from their audience. I had been listening to my favorite podcast, The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson, one of ITN’s graduates, partners, and faculty members, and I decided one day to finally write him a review of appreciation.

A little over three months from writing a review, I came home to Houston for a weekend to spend time with my mom.

It was Saturday, October 27th, and my mom invited me to join her at her trainer’s gym party. I was feeling slightly worrisome and directionless that day, but I decided to join anyway.

At the party, I ran into an old preschool friend’s mother, who had a positive aura about her, and she was very present.

She was interested in my recent decisions and asked what I am passionate about. I noticed in my answer that when I was talking about nutrition, fitness, health, psychology, my posture perked up, and my energy increased.


During those months that had passed, there was one episode on my podcast queue that I kept delaying listening to.

It was called “Transforming Your Mind, Body, & The Health Coaching Industry – With Cynthia Garcia”.

Finally, I listened to the episode.

At first, Shawn gives a story, presents the episode sponsor(s), and then shares the review of the week. To my amazement and surprise, my review was read on that episode!

It lined up perfectly, and I knew what the next step on my journey was. It took me a couple of months and several calls with Institute of Transformational Nutrition Success Coaches, Kylee and Mindy, but I said I’d come up with the money and start January 4, 2019.

And that’s exactly when I started the Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach certification.


Coming across the Institute of Transformational Nutrition was a success for me.

It was almost like something I knew I must be learning because of how it came to me. In addition to studying ITN, I have had success with speaking to people I admire on my podcast.


What I love about ITN is the wholesome approach it takes not just towards nutrition but also health and wellness. It covers how everything is interconnected because, for example, a physical illness that manifests could really be an unaddressed, suppressed thought in your head that needs to have its validity questioned.

I have really enjoyed learning the information and growing personally.

If I decide that health coaching is truly what I want to do, I know I have been learning the education necessary to help me live out my purpose to empower and inspire others to listen to their own heart and intuition.

I thank ITN for the structured education in holistic health and nutrition — a catalyst for my own personal transformation. I’m also grateful for the blossoming friendships and connections I have made and continue to make at ITN.

I currently have a podcast and blog where I’m collecting all my notes and data to write a book.


Instagram: @king_solomon8
Facebook: @Solomon Ezra Berezin

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