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Anxiousness vs. Anxiety & Why the Difference is Important


Anxiety has kind of become a “trending” word in the past couple of years. People often explain, “Gosh, this show is giving me anxiety” or, “You’re making me anxious!”

But here’s the thing — there is a real and important difference between feeling anxious and having anxiety, and that line has become pretty blurred.

While it is completely normal to feel anxious in times of high stress, being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder can seriously impact a person’s health and well-being.

And, although a test that you’re worried about may cause a few sleepless nights, General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) can lead to panic attacks, broken relationships, and poor physical and mental health.

It’s important that we understand what the difference is so that we can identify when we or the ones we care about need to seek professional help.


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40 million adults in America suffer from an anxiety disorder, yet many others go undiagnosed and untreated.

There are a few key differentiators between someone who is feeling anxious versus someone who has this mental illness. And, it’s very important that we address these contrasting factors.

For example, people who experience anxiousness start to feel that way due to a certain external factor that is making them worried — like possibly an important deadline that is coming up. In contrast, people who have GAD are dealing with their feelings every single day and may become triggered by even the smallest circumstances.

And, that’s just the beginning.


Listen to Episode 009 to Discover...
  • Why you need to stop labeling your day-to-day stress as “anxiety”
  • Examples that will help you understand what anxiety truly looks like
  • Long-term and short-term tools that will help you minimize your anxiousness
  • Cynthia’s top tips for reducing anxiety (and yes, they are research-based!)
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