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3 Ways Emotional Trauma Keeps You Stuck

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“We are fed by so much more than food.”

That simple sentence is what our founder and CEO, Cynthia Garcia realized when she had her “a-ha!” moment years ago during a coaching session with a client.

Little did she know that it would someday become one of the core principles of this incredible school that she was destined to create!

Cynthia was a guest on the Betty Rocker podcast last week, where she and the host, Bree, talked about digging deep within ourselves to get down to the root of what truly motivates us, and what’s stopping us from doing everything we want to in life.

Emotional Trauma Keeps Us Stuck

Even though it looks a little bit different for all of us, we all have deep-rooted causes and emotional traumas keeping us stuck mentally, physically, and spiritually until we deal with them.

In addition to telling listeners her personal story of how she overcame a life of pain, abuse, and hardship as a child, Cynthia shared the story of working with a particular client, whom she calls, “Jenny.”

Jenny wanted to lose weight, but every time she met with Cynthia for a session, she had logged Snickers bars several times a day as entries in her food journal.

Cynthia decided it was time for a little tough love, and she told Jenny that if she didn’t kick the Snickers bars to the curb, then Cynthia didn’t know how to help her because she wasn’t helping herself.

Jenny’s response left Cynthia speechless and led to her “a-ha!” moment, which you’ll hear about in this excerpt from the podcast.

Wow. What a great reminder that we never really know what’s going on with a person underneath the surface.

And honestly, a lot of us don’t know what’s truly going on inside ourselves, either.

Humans Have 3 Basic Needs That Need to Be Met

As Cynthia explains further along in the podcast, we all have 3 basic human needs – to be seen, to be heard, and to feel that we matter.

That’s why at ITN, we are redefining nutrition as anything that feeds us physically, mentally, and spiritually. These 3 things are what take care of those 3 basic human needs.

Without feeding these 3 things, you get thrown off balance. We need to actively make these pillars of health a priority and feed ourselves every day.

That’s what the health coaching program at ITN will teach you to do as a student so that you can then go on to teach others and help them transform their own lives.

In becoming a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, you’re not only changing your future. You’re setting the stage for solving problems for so many other people, so that they, too can have an “a-ha!” moment and live the life they were destined for. What a gift!

As Cynthia explains, each of us has a “stuck story,” which is keeping us from having the life, career, and relationships that we’ve always dreamed of.

Getting Past Your “Stuck Story”

And now she’s sharing the tools for how to uncover your stuck story, and how to move past it so that you can finally stop feeling like a prisoner in your own life and finally leave your mark on the world.

When Cynthia hit rock bottom, she was at a point where she thought about taking her own life. She kept asking, “Why me? Why have so many awful things happened to me over and over and over again?”

That’s when a little voice inside of her said, “It’s not happening to you. It’s happening for you. There’s a bigger reason or all of this. You’re meant to do something big.”

And then she thought, “What if that’s true… and what if I’m meant to make other people see their own greatness?”

Fast-forward to today, and that’s exactly what Cynthia is doing – because she believes that every single one of us is meant to do something more. Something bigger. Something GREAT.

We all have a distinct moment in our lives that dictates how our story is written. It’s the point that makes us stuck and keeps us stuck.

But Cynthia is here to remind us that you can take control of your life. You can write a new story – just as she did.

If you’re ready to find out what your stuck story is, head over to her site, where you’ll find a quiz you can take to uncover what’s holding you back.

After you take the quiz and discover your stuck story, you’ll be able to download a free “Stuck Story Self-Coaching Method,” which includes all of the tools you need to get past your stuck story, start with a clean slate, and rewrite the new story that’s going to carry you forward from this point on.

Today just might be the first day of your brand new story. You just have to take the leap and start to write it.

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