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Never Worry About How to Build Your Coaching Business Again with These 5 Steps


You want to be a coach… but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to be an entrepreneur. 

One of the biggest mistakes Cynthia made when first starting out as a coach was taking time to actually understand how to build a business. We want to make sure YOU don’t stumble over the same roadblocks as she did! 


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In today’s episode, Cynthia shares the five steps that every aspiring coach should take to break through any limiting beliefs and create a wildly successful business. 

Cynthia describes how truly believing in yourself is essential to finding success as a coach and making decisions that propel your career forward.

She shares some tangible tips for building a strong personal brand and an effective marketing strategy.

Cynthia also illustrates the importance of getting super clear on who you want to work with, what you want to work with them on, and the method you’re going to use to achieve results.


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  • The #1 secret to your success as a coach… that isn’t what you think it would be
  • Tips to help you attract the right type of clients for your business
  • Why you should always start your business with coaching clients one-on-one 
  • How to market your offerings in a more authentic, aligned way 
  • The importance of just starting now and putting yourself out there (and what will happen if you don’t)[/su_box]


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