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Spirituality of Nutrition

The Truth About What Spirituality REALLY Means and Why It’s So Critical to Health Coaching


Studies have shown that incorporating spirituality in your life strengthens your immune system, lowers pain, fights stress, increases emotional wellbeing, and so much more.

But, it’s one of the most commonly overlooked and misunderstood aspects of a healthy lifestyle. 

At ITN, our core curriculum goes much deeper than mediation, mindful practices, and religion.

Those aspects can be important, but spiritual nutrition is about discovering meaning and connection to yourself and the world around you. 


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Cynthia dives into the three subcategories of spirituality and explains what happens when you’re lacking in any one of those areas.

She illustrates the domino effect of filling a spiritual void with unhealthy habits, including overeating and self-isolation. 

Cynthia also shares a real life example of what it can look like to be spiritually disconnected and highlights how you can work with clients to implement soulful, nourishing practices into their lives.

Listen in to learn more about how you can start to cultivate a deeper connection to your spirituality and help your clients do the same.


Listen to Episode 058 to Discover...
  • What really happens when you ignore spiritual nutrition 
  • The “proactive health model” that helps you and your clients get to the root cause of their symptoms 
  • The surprising link between increased sugar consumption and lack of spiritual connection 
  • Warning signs that you or your client may be struggling with spirituality 
  • Creative ways to easily integrate spiritual practices into your daily and weekly routines


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