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Having Trouble Getting Coaching Clients? Try This

Struggling to Find Clients?

So, you’ve put in the work, you’ve gotten certified, and now you are finally ready to start serving your audience.

*Cue the sound of crickets*

It’s not a very nice feeling. Maybe you’ve put out a few social posts, written a few blogs, anddd you just can’t seem to gain people’s attention.

Look, it happens to many coaches. Even ITN Founder Cynthia Garcia has gone through spurts of struggling to reach the right audience.

The important thing is to not panic and to not give up. You’ve got this!

You May be Experiencing These Common Barriers…

As stressful as it may feel to not be able to find clients for your coaching business, it’s nothing to worry too much about!

Often, it’s because of one of a few common barriers, which could be related to your marketing efforts, your niche, and the way you present yourself to your audience.

For example, one of the most common mistakes that Cynthia sees with new coaches is that they try to mimic successful people in the field.

They think that following a formula is a safe way to help them stand out and get more clients, but the reality is, that’s probably the reason why they can’t grow their business. 

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You Can Make it Out of This Rut!

Your passion is helping people transform their bodies, minds, and spirits.

You are going to be able to make a successful career out of something as important as that!! 

Have confidence in yourself and your abilities, and tune in to learn how to hone in your marketing skills for your business.

Listen to Discover...
  • Questions to ask yourself when you’re writing copy for your coaching services 
  • Online tools that can help you get into the minds and hearts of potential clients 
  • Cynthia’s simple Amazon review trick to inspire your writing  
  • The best and easiest way to discover your speciality 
  • The importance of offering free content to get long-term investments 

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Read the transcript for this episode:

[00:00:00] Cynthia Garcia: What problems or challenges do your ideal clients have? What keeps them up at night and listen, don’t guess ask them. And then once they tell you, use their words, use the words they give you.

Welcome back to the Transformational Nutrition Podcast, the podcast that is redefining nutrition as anything that feeds you physically, mentally and spiritually. I’m your host. Cynthia Garcia, the founder and CEO of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. In today’s episode, I’m going to be sharing some of my best tips for how you can get more clients in your coaching practice.

All right. So. Here we are talking about getting clients. This is one of the things that I hear most often from new coaches is how do I get clients? And I remember when I first started working as a coach, I thought, gosh, I really have this passion for helping people. I know I can just put up a sign and say, I can help people and they’ll come.

Right. Kind of like if you build it, they will come. Well, I built it and they didn’t, it was like, wait, what’s going on? I just wanna. People, why won’t they let me help them. Little did. I know I had a lot to learn, right. And so I see a lot of new coaches do the same sort of things when they’re first starting out.

And these are all the things that they think are going to help them stand out and get more clients. But in reality, They’re probably the reason why they can’t get the clients that they think they should be getting. So let’s talk about what some of these barriers are. So the first thing I see them do is looking at another successful coach and modeling, let’s say their website, their.

And their brand. Right. And listen, I get it. It’s tempting. Gosh, it is you think, well, this person’s already doing it. And they’re saying it in a way that sounds so much better than what I could say it in. I’ll just do something real similar. Right. And you don’t want to do that because obviously. That’s not authentic to who you are and also people can tell, right?

So the first thing that you want to look at as a coach and getting clients is your copy, right? What are the words that you are using now? I know you want to sound professional and talented and a little bit fancy on your social media and your website. You want people to see you as smart, but the words you use.

Is one of the ways that you can stand out from other coaches. More importantly, you’re not marketing for other coaches, necessarily your marketing, unless you work with other coaches that is, but you’re marketing for people who need the solution that you have to their problem. So, let me give you an example of what this might look like when it comes to getting clients.

I see this a lot on a lot of coaching websites, let’s say, and it goes something like this. I help women get their glow back. Okay. So if someone comes across that on your feed, what are they going to think? And where did their glow go and how did it go? How does your glow just go and why do we need it back?

Like if it went, maybe it went for a reason and that’s not something I’m looking for. Maybe it doesn’t need to come back. Right. So you get what I’m saying here. What if instead of that, you said something as simple as. I help women in their forties who are, post-menopausal feel more confident in their bodies without cutting out carbs, working out three times a day or constantly weighing themselves right now, certainly that might help someone get their glow back.

But it’s much more specific when you read that. You now know exactly who this coach works with. You’re going to know the exact results that you’re going to get when you work with this coach. And you’re going to see, thankfully, all the things you don’t have to do, like cut out carbs and workout three times a day, or constantly weigh yourself.

Right. There is no guesswork. I know exactly what you do as a coach. Now you might be thinking, well, gosh, Cynthia, but those words are so basic. You know, there’s nothing about finding their glow or glowing up or any of those catchy fun words that I see on other coaches, websites. The answer is no, you don’t and that’s, what’s gonna make you stand out.

Listen, people don’t have time to, to decipher your sense of humor when they come to your website. I don’t have time to figure out what getting Mike low back means to you. I need you to use real simple words because I am in pain here. If you have a solution, tell me what it is and really clear English.

Otherwise I’m going to go somewhere else. Right. And people who are coming to your website, they’re probably halfway distracted anyway. And they’re going to read half of what you wrote. So make sure that what you write is really simple and straightforward. I said this in episode 23, if you want to go back and check that out, but you got to be clear.

Rather than clever people want things to be clear and simple. They want it to be spelled out for them, or they’re not going to invest even their time getting to know you. Right. So again, I talked about this in episode 23, where we discuss personal branding. So please go back and check that.

Let’s pause for a moment and hear from one of our certified transformational nutrition coaches, Sarah joy, you’re going to discover how Sarah’s background and her life experiences set her on track to becoming a coach.

[00:05:46] Sarah Joy: My personal health journey started after the 2008 crash. At that time, I was newly married with a toddler and thanks to the crash. Me and my then husbands lives completely fell apart. I had a sudden onset of symptoms about six months after, and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2008. My health slowly declined yearly after that, as my conditions worse.

And I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I was overtaken by anxiety and panic attacks. I had severe fatigue and about 25 other symptoms. Thanks to all of these symptoms. I could no longer work drive, go to the grocery store, play with my kids. And honestly, I could barely take care of my family.

I basically exhausted both medical systems, Eastern and Western after battling we’re about eight long years, I completely gave up hope and I decided to let my illness kill me, but the universe had a different plan. My brother was released from 10 years in prison in August of 2016. He had a hard time reacclimating to society.

He also struggled with his health daily, especially low energy. He ended up turning to drugs to cope. And after a run in with the Sheriff’s department, three days before his 39th birthday, he was shot 14 times and ended up dying in an SUV and a ditch on the side of the road. This tragedy changed my life literally forever.

I fortunately. Use this tragedy to propel me into a better life. And it ended up reviving my hope and renewing my fight to live again because it showed me how short life really is. That’s when I decided to move out file for divorce and enroll in school full 

[00:07:51] Cynthia Garcia: time.

Now I have a few questions. You can ask yourself when you’re creating the wording around your coaching services to help make sure you’re on the right track. So the first one is what problems or challenges do your ideal clients have? Right? What keeps them up at night and listen, don’t guess ask them, ask them.

And then once they tell you, use their words, Use the words they give you. If they say, I just feel like a loser because I’m so tired when I get home from work that I don’t even feel like playing with my own kids. Use those words, right? Don’t say I can take you on a journey of self discovery and reattachment where you have the ability to connect deeply on another plane with all of your offspring.

Like what I mean, listen, I’m being. Uh, try and do anyway, but you get the idea, right? It’s like, we want to take people on these journeys. They haven’t even met us and we want to go on a road trip. Just say what you mean and use their words, ask yourself the question. What are they hoping to change? What are the results that they want?

And use their words. Okay. Now you might say great, Cynthia. That sounds fantastic, but I don’t have any clients. What now? Well, in that case, head over to Reddit and or to Quora and search for the problems that you help clients with so that you can see what people are posting when it comes to their pain points and the solutions that they’re looking for.

If you’re not into that, join some Facebook group. Right. Follow hashtags on social, but get into the minds and hearts of your potential clients and use their words. Listen, use my Amazon trick. Okay. Here’s how it works. Go to Amazon, you know, and search for books that are related to, or about the topic that you help people on.

Right? I mean, there’s books about everything you’re going to be fine. And then when you find those books, I want you to check them out individually, but I don’t want you to look at the positive review. I want you to look at the negative reviews because the negative reviews will tell you in very clear words, what that person was looking for when they bought that book and what they didn’t get as a result.

So they’re telling you exactly what they’re looking for in their words, they’re sharing their pain points, they’re sharing their disappointment and they’re sharing exactly how this person could have made it. Well, look now you can make it right. Okay. So once you’ve written your copy and you’ve gotten really clear, does what you write down?

Does it sound like something you would say in real life? Is it clear over. If not change it. If you wouldn’t meet a new friend and have them ask what do you do? And then you would say this, don’t put it on your website either. All right. Let’s check back in with Sarah. Last time we heard from her, she had just decided to change her life completely.

So now let’s find out how and why she decided to enroll at the Institute of transformational nutrition. Um,

[00:11:12] Sarah Joy: when I signed up for college in 2017, I knew I wanted to do something in the health industry, but I wasn’t sure what I thought I wanted to become a registered dietician. But after one look at the food guide pyramid and the government nutrition website, I knew that was not the way I wanted to teach people to eat my counselors.

And I looked all over. The nation for colleges. And I didn’t like any of the health programs that I saw. So one day I was making lunch and I put on the model health show and I heard Cynthia and she started sharing her story about ITN and why and how she started ITN. And I was just lit up inside. It was like angels started singing.

And it was my answer. I knew it. And there was just no doubt. And I was just filled with so much happiness and I knew that joining ITN was exactly what I needed to do next. So I signed up immediately and because ITN is accredited, my counselors were able to add it to my transfer and graduation plan. I finished out two more semesters.

At regular college while starting a CTNC course at the same time. And I had a dual graduation December of 2019. And honestly that was the best month of my life.

[00:12:46] Cynthia Garcia: Alright, next step and complimentary to this point about your copy. I really urge you to choose a niche that you can specialize in. I know you may have heard it before, but have you done it? Have you done it? So here at ITN, we offer something called passion-based. So what this is, is, it’s kind of like when you go through your core courses in college, and then you declare your major, this is like that except way more fun.

So once you go through our core certified transformational nutrition coach program at ITM, you get to choose from one of. Different coaching courses that give you additional credibility and allow you to specialize in your niche of choice. Now they range from autoimmune disease to diabetes. Coach digestive health coach.

A holistic cancer coach, a hormone coach, weight loss, mental health coach, and so many others. So you actually get to dive deeper into this area that you want to specialize in, complete with done for you protocols that you can use with your client. And of course there’s no extra costs it’s included with your certification.

R lots of extra benefits for you to make more money as a coach. So now you not only have the title of certified transformational nutrition coach, but you also have a title of certified weight loss coach or certified. Hormone coach, whatever it is that you decided to specialize in. Listen, people don’t want a Jack of all trades.

They want a specialist. If he had a brain tumor, you wouldn’t go to your family. Doctor you’d want a specialist. I mean, the same is true for any health issue that you’re dealing with. Anything in general, right? Coaching is no different. If you try to market yourself as being able to solve every single issue and work with every single person out there, you’re going to get less.

Okay, because people don’t know what you do, and if you do everything, you’re probably not very good at any one of them. Right? Think about all the experts that, you know, the people who you follow online, the people that you look up to, maybe even people that you’ve thought about modeling in the past, chances are they focus on one thing they’re really great at doing one thing.

And you should take a cue from that, right. People want to feel like you were. Expert that you were the one person that can help them feel better. So take the extra time to identify your niche by thinking about what are you passionate about? Look at your own story, right? What brought you here? What have you gone through that?

Now you could help other people with, from experience or what is something you see in the world that you so desperately want to change? Right. So think about that and start to niche down to really specialize. And show up being the expert in your area for your clients. Okay. So that is another great way to help you really dial in who you are, what you have to offer and get paying clients fast.

All right. Let’s bring Sarah back one last time to share what her life looks like now as a transformational nutrition coach, you’ll find out how. Past her fear of starting and what her biggest moments of six tests have been since launching her coaching business.

[00:16:16] Sarah Joy: So now I coach women also suffering from thyroid conditions to help them restore their health, happiness, and lives in my 90 day program, energy for life. And. I was very nervous. I’ve never been a business owner. I, you know, I, I’ve never been a CEO and I didn’t know, I really am still learning how to run a business all the way.

And you can’t let that stop you. If you have a passion for helping changing people’s lives. Serving them. If this is your calling, you can’t hold yourself back. You got to get out of your own way and you have to do the uncomfortable things. Your strength is really on the other side of your affairs. I never knew.

That becoming a CEO and coach was going to set me on my own path of personal discovery. Since I launched coach Sarah joy in March of 2020, this path of overcoming my insecurities, imposter syndrome, money, lack and more has been the greatest blessing. My life and my clients, my biggest moment of success up until this point has been signing three new clients and one week, or having a $9,000 a week.

My second biggest moment of success is always having the pleasure of watching my clients get better and their symptoms subside. There was nothing better to me than helping people restore their Glo. Honestly, that has been pricing.

[00:18:13] Cynthia Garcia: So here’s the deal. I want you to be patient with yourself. If you’re a brand new coach, I know I get it. You want to get clients? You want to start making money yesterday? Listen, I was broke as a joke. My ideal client was anyone who could give me a check that wouldn’t bounce. Right. Cause I’m old. And back in the day, people wrote checks.

So if you could write me a check and I could cash it, you were my ideal client. So I get what it’s like. So I know when you hear niche down or be really clear in your language, you’re like, no, no, no. I just want to do what these other coaches are doing. But that’s not how they got there. Right? You got to go back to where they started and how they started and do what they did then.

And I’m telling you it is the basics, right. You will get to where you want to go. Okay. I promise you we’ll get those clients, but you need to look at the bigger focus. You need to nurture your audience. You need to focus on making a connection with people and you do that by using real words and being clear at what you do and starting a conversation with them.

You need to be willing to provide them with value for free before you assume that they’re going to invest in you. Long-term so consider doing a giveaway of some sort like. An ebook that you wrote a webinar where you teach them things guided meditations, you can give them three quick tips on their pain point that they can implement right away and get results from it.

Right? So at ITN, we give you lots of done for you tools that you can repurpose and turn into these free lead generators. And then once you’ve built up your trust by putting out great content and practical tips. Then you can offer to go deeper with them, right? That’s where you can enroll them in one-to-one coaching or a group program.

Right. Or you can introduce them to your online program, whatever that might be, but give people a taste of what you have to offer. Let them know that you understand them, show them that you understand them by using the words that they use and then become the expert and the specialist by niching down into that one.

Area that will get people in the door way faster than trying to model someone else’s success. Okay. So in closing, what I want you to know is you’ve got this stay consistent, keep showing up, tweak your wording to be as clear as it can be, and then engage with your audience in a niche down way that provides.

The value and the clients will come, go back and listen to episode 23, where I talk about personal branding. If you want to dive deeper into this, especially around the verbiage that you use. And if you’re interested in becoming a coach and especially getting that second certification as a specialist.

Coach then this is a great time to enroll at ITN. We just launched our limited time success series, where we are including free business master classes for all of our new students. Look with the challenges that we face the last few years, we have doubled down on our mission of certifying successful transformational nutrition, coaches.

Your success is our success. So for a limited time, we’re offering. These powerful new masterclasses to help you make money and enjoy a brand new career as a transformational nutrition coach, you could see all the details on our slash enroll. And to keep it easy, you can see all of the show notes and resources for this episode slash episode.

Two six. Thank you so much for tuning in today and I’ll see you back here next week for a brand new.

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