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3 Reasons You Should Choose a Niche as a Health Coach

In this podcast episode, ITN Founder and CEO Cynthia Garcia is diving into why you need to niche down as a nutrition coach and how you can choose a specialty that best serves you.

Oftentimes, newly certified nutrition coaches can feel some imposter syndrome when they start actually working with clients. Choosing a niche can not only alleviate some of this anxiety, but it can also help you make more money, attract more publicity, and help more people.

It’s important to get clear on who your audience is and what makes you stand out from other coaches. After all, people aren’t looking for a jack of all trades 一 they want an expert. 

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Cynthia explains how you can make more money, attract more clients, and get more attention from mainstream media by honing in on your niche.

She highlights examples of thought leaders and experts who have found major success by focusing on one area of health and wellness.

Cynthia encourages coaches to think about their unique obstacles and achievements, and how they can help other people in the same situation. She also touches on the eight different specialist certifications that ITN students can choose from and what makes the ITN method different from other coaching programs. 

Listen to Episode 033 to Discover...
  • The moment that made Cynthia realize she needed to find her niche as a coach 
  • Why coaching becomes much easier when you’re in your zone of genius 
  • Benefits of being Certified Specialist Coach at ITN 
  • The easiest ways to discover your ideal niche 
  • How to combat imposter syndrome as a coach

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