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From Homeless to Health Coach

This image depicts the title of the first podcast episode, "From Homeless to Health Coach" while also showing an image of ITN Founder, Cynthia Garcia.

Going from homeless to health coach

ITN Founder Cynthia Garcia did not always have a dream to become a health coach, or to create a nutrition coaching school. Instead, she spent her childhood in a small Appalachian town.

She was more worried about how she was going to find her next meal and making the trek to the outhouse during the winter.

Cynthia grew up in a home filled with abuse, addiction, and arguing. By the time she hit her early 20’s, she was more than ready to get away.

So, she hopped on a plane with her two cats and headed to a place she thought could give her a new beginning and a better life — Los Angeles, California.

Her journey there would lead her to being homeless, almost taking her own life, and then ultimately discovering a modern approach to nutrition that would change the way the world feeds itself. (Sounds simple, right?)

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How Your struggles can help you find your purpose

In this first episode of the podcast, you will hear intimate details of Cynthia’s origin story and how the Institute of Transformational Nutrition came to be.

You’ll learn the three components that make up the Transformational Nutrition model — physical, mental, and spiritual nutrition — and why these three areas are so vital to our overall well being. But, it’s also about more than that.

This inaugural episode talks about perseverance, determination, failure, and how our struggles can actually help us find our purpose.

No matter how difficult our circumstances may be, we have the power to turn them around and use them to continue moving forward.

Cynthia speaks from her personal experiences and shares vulnerable parts of her own story in an effort to show you that you can make a way when it feels like there’s no way.

It’s a powerful, deep episode that we cannot wait for you to hear.


Listen to this episode to discover:

    • A deeply personal story from ITN Founder Cynthia Garcia about where she came from, the challenges she faced with her own health, and what she learned along the way about living a fulfilling life (and how you can do it too!)
    • What is wrong with the world’s current view of nutrition and one thing that finally fixes it for good
    • The three simple, yet powerful, pillars to modern-day nutrition
    • Practical ways to implement the TN model into your own life
    • What you can expect from upcoming episodes


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