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Eating for the Health of Our Gut and Our Planet with Paleovalley’s Autumn Smith

Autumn Smith is the co-founder of Paleovalley, a company dedicated to delivering the essential nutrients people need without any added sugars, grains, or other harmful ingredients.

On this episode, Cynthia sits down with Autumn to chat through Autumn’s health and wellness journey as well as what inspired her to shake up the health food industry. 

After struggling with digestive issues for most of her teen and adult life, Autumn decided to try out the Paleo diet to attempt to get her life back.

For 30 days, she eliminated refined foods, shopped at local farmer’s markets, and ate grass fed meats, wild seafood, and organic produce.

The results — both physically and mentally — were astounding, and they sparked her interest to dive deeper into the connection between the way we feel and the way we eat.


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Autumn and Cynthia dive into mental health protective foods, how to balance your blood sugar, and tips for finding your dietary sources of inflammation.

They also get into Autumn’s family-oriented morning routine and how she practices time blocking as a busy mom and business owner.

Tune in to learn more about Autumn and how she’s transforming the way we eat on-the-go.


Listen to Episode 047 to Discover...
  • How Autumn healed her damaged relationship with food and her body image after leaving the world of dance
  • How seeking professional support can help you work through the root causes of your limiting belief systems and mindset blocks 
  • How to unapologetically set and uphold your boundaries 
  • Key micronutrients that have a major impact on mood regulation 
  • What makes Paleovalley different from other health food brands


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