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Leena Abed on Building Healthy Habits for Any Season of Life

Cynthia is joined by Leena Abed, an ITN alum and health coach known across Instagram as the “Practical Nutritionist.”

In this episode, Leena unpacks how she hit rock bottom with her binge eating disorder and realized that she was mentally, physically, and spiritually depleted.

On top of that, she was experiencing major imposter syndrome trying to keep up with the ‘fit girl’ influencers she saw on social media.

She describes the shift that happened when she started looking into the science and psychology of nutrition, found ITN, and came up with a new goal: to create an attainable, balanced, and nourishing lifestyle, and teach others how to do the same. 


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Leena highlights some of the most common barriers that she sees her clients face when it comes to cultivating healthy relationships with food and exercise.

She shares her strategy for helping them overcome those challenges and how she gets to the root cause of why they’re out of alignment.

She also gives practical advice for how people can stay on track with their health and wellness goals this summer while still enjoying vacations, BBQs, and quality time with friends and family.


Listen to Episode 039 to Discover...
  • Practical ways to improve your health without putting your life on pause
  • Tips for coaches on how to ask deep questions and hold space for clients 
  • How you can get creative at events and restaurants to create a balanced (and delicious!) plate 
  • Ways to empower yourself when you feel out of control around food 
  • Go-to tools for making healthy eating as convenient as possible


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  1. Reanna Irigoyen says:

    I love this! With my own hormone imbalances, it absolutely put me in a weird emotional space as I was doing everything right (I thought) with nutrition, sleep hygiene, exercise and then I realized that with my unique body it was important to actually reduce the exercise I was doing and eating more. It created fluctuations in my weight and is still continuing to regulate.. I love getting back to “our best.” Hoping to join your training when financially able!

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