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Everything You Need to Know to Become an NBHWC Certified Coach

The National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) has certified more than 6,500 health and wellness coaches in the fields of healthcare, employee wellness, government, and private practice.

ITN is an approved NBHWC affiliate program, which means that ITN graduates are qualified to sit for the NBHWC Board Exam. But, how does that work?

In today’s episode, Cynthia unpacks the benefits of being a NBHWC Certified coach and outlines exactly what you need to do to qualify for the exam AND how to make sure you’re prepared for the exam itself.


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She details what to expect from the format and structure of the exam and provides an overview of the content that’s covered.

ITN’s Student Success Manager recently passed the test (go, Jon!), and Cynthia checked in with him to get all of his test-prep tips as well.


Listen to Episode 040 to Discover...
  • How becoming NBHWC certified helps you stand out as a nutrition coach
  • The unique ways in which ITN helps prepare our coaches for the exam 
  • Three simple things you need to do before signing up for the test 
  • Tips (from someone who’s taken the exam!) for studying, preparing, and passing the exam
  • Practical tricks to help alleviate pre-test anxiety and help you feel confident on the day of.


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