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How a Holistic Approach to Health Can Transform Your Life


The concept of holistic health and mind, body, spirit connection used to be something kind of…out there.

However, the truth is that holistic health can empower you to become more educated and motivated to make better choices and operate from a place of prevention instead of reaction.

It doesn’t reject or ignore what we might know as Western medicine, but rather relies on a variety of clinically-proven therapies to address the root cause of symptoms. 


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Cynthia breaks down the three main components of holistic health and explains why the whole-body approach to healing is crucial for a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

She dives into how individuals can be active participants in their health and well-being, and how holistic health makes wellness more approachable.

She also shares tips for how to incorporate holistic health philosophies into everyday life, including how she sets up her personal Transformational Nutrition daily planner.


Listen to Episode 042 to Discover...
  • The 3 major components of holistic health and why we need to prioritize ALL of them in order to truly feel our best
  • Common myths about living a holistic lifestyle (and what’s actually true instead)
  • Real-world examples of how holistic health can help heal underlying health conditions 
  • How to easily incorporate the 3 components of holistic health into your daily routine


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