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How (And Why) You Should Change Your Wellness Routine


Here at ITN, we value setting a routine that nourishes our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Whether that looks like morning movement and journaling, or breath work in the afternoon, or religiously relaxing with a bubble bath at night. Whatever truly feeds YOU!

However, have you ever found yourself working out just to check it off your list or making the same rotation of meals each week just because you think you should?

Having a wellness routine can be extremely beneficial, but it’s also important to shake up your habits to make sustainable changes… and to keep things interesting!


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Our bodies will often present red flags that our wellness routine isn’t working.

Maybe you feel burnt out, or extra tired, or just unmotivated to do the same things that used to light you up.

Instead of accepting that as our new normal, what if we took some time to shift old habits?

It’s normal to be fearful of change, but that resistance usually shows up when you need change the most! 

All of that being said, you don’t need to change everything at once! If you feel as though your wellness routine could use some updates, be sure to ask yourself what things you want to keep.

Maybe you still enjoy waking up early, but you’d rather meditate in the morning rather than doing an intense workout.

And, maybe instead of eating a big dinner and skipping lunch, you want to eat three balanced meals to keep your energy up.

Remember that your routine is supposed to nourish and fuel you. If it’s no longer doing that, it’s time to make a shift.


Listen to Episode 014 Discover...
  • The red flags that showed Cynthia she needed to make a change in her own routine
  • The science behind why our brains are resistant to changes of any sort
  • How we can benefit and grow from making even minor changes to our wellness habits
  • Practical tips for how to ease yourself into change (big or small!) 


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