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Beyond the Gym: A Deep Dive into Physical Nutrition

When we think about what comprises our physical health, most of us imagine it’s about having toned muscles and breaking personal records on race day, but we fail to look beyond the gym.

We think it’s about our exercise and maybe our diet, right?

Although exercise is an important part of a balanced lifestyle, there’s so much more to physical nutrition than hitting the gym! And, it’s vital that we pay attention to these other areas. 

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In addition to healthy eating habits and regular movement, your family health history and supplement intake also have major impacts on your physical well-being!

But, you probably don’t see these areas being highlighted across your social media channels or daily news. That’s because it’s easy for people to post about what we can easily notice on the outside, but harder to bring importance to the areas that we don’t see right away.

However, things like health history and supplementation can be even more important than how many push-ups you can do!

In this episode, we discuss how taking even small steps, like talking to your family members about any health conditions they have, can help keep your physical health in shape.

And, how taking supplements can help bridge the gap between our nutrition deficiencies.

We just need to start paying attention to these areas!

Listen to Episode 013 to Discover...
  • How you can get past the status quo and look beyond the gym for physical health
  • Exactly how your family health history allows you to reduce your risk for certain conditions
  • What key information to collect when conducting your family health history
  • Vital nutrients are needed to prevent chronic disease and to run all of our systems effectively
  • Ways that supplementation can correct deficiencies in your diet


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