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50 Things I Wish I Had Known When I First Started Coaching


To celebrate the 50th episode, Cynthia is sharing 50 things that she’s learned about coaching and building a business since launching her career.

She’s highlighting the top ten lessons on this episode, and the other 40 can be found in this downloadable guide.  

Cynthia shares stories from when she first started out as a coach and what she would do differently in hindsight.

She emphasizes the importance of getting super clear on your offering, asking for feedback after discovery calls, and not getting caught in a cycle of comparison.

She describes how her relationship with self promotion and marketing has changed, and why she’s such a strong believer in growing your email list. 


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Cynthia also mentions how every coach should have a process in place that they can use with all their clients一something that she learned the hard way.

She gets into how to set up business processes and why she regrets not organizing her finances from the start. 

There are so many tips and tricks in the coaching industry, so listen in as Cynthia pulls back the curtain to help other coaches save time, energy, and money.


Listen to Episode 050 to Discover...
  • Strategies to help you get focused and dialed in on your niche 
  • Simple ways to track and measure everything that you do in your coaching business 
  • Tools for shifting your mindset around marketing and utilizing authentic techniques 
  • Why it’s crucial to develop your audience outside of social media 
  • Learning how to be okay with silence and pauses during coaching sessions 
  • Examples of business functions that you should have in place from day one


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