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3 of Our Recommended Supplements to Help You Manage Stress


September is one of the busiest times of year and can be a big transitional month for a lot of people.

Settling into new routines and getting back on track can be stressful, so Cynthia is sharing the three supplements that she uses and recommends to anyone who feels like they need support to calm their bodies and their mind, and just generally feel more grounded. 


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Cynthia dives into the benefits and science behind supplements like Ashwagandha, L-theanine, and magnesium L-threonate.

She shares how adding these three supplements into her wellness routine has helped relieve anxiety and stress, as well as promote relaxation and deeper sleep.

Cynthia also explains the best way to introduce supplements into your diet and explores different ways to consume them.

Listen to Episode 053 to Discover...
  • The negative effects of staying in a chronic state of physical and/or mental stress 
  • What an adaptogen is and how it works to enhance the body’s resilience to stress 
  • The best supplement to take for promoting a relaxed feeling without a drowsy side effect 
  • Several negative consequences of magnesium deficiency 
  • The limitations of supplements (and how else to holistically relieve stress)


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