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So…You’re in a Relationship With a Narcissist

Do you have a friend, partner, significant other, or family member who is constantly criticizing, belittling, or gaslighting you?

Maybe you’re not quite sure what feels like, but you do know that your relationship with that person just isn’t right.

In previous episodes, Cynthia has shared about how she navigates her relationship with her narcissistic mother.

She’s learned a lot about what Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is and how to recognize some of the red flags.

On this episode, Cynthia breaks down what the NPD spectrum is and the nine main characteristics of narcissists, so that you can better understand if this is what you are dealing with in your own life.

While people with NPD fall onto a spectrum, there are some cues that might signify this disorder.

If you’re struggling with someone in your life that you think might be on the NPD spectrum, Cynthia has some tried and true tips to help you distance yourself from that person.

She explains how you can work on responding instead of reacting, focusing on yourself, and setting boundaries.

Unfortunately, NPD doesn’t have a cure, but there are tools to help you heal and detach from those relationships.

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Cynthia has first-hand experience dealing with NPD in her own life, which is why this episode hits so close to home for her.

Today, she not only breaks down what it means to be a narcissist, but also how you can heal yourself after being close to a person who suffers with NPD.

Listen to Episode 028 to Discover...
  • The criteria used to diagnose people with NPD 
  • Why arguing with a narcissist can feel impossible 
  • Recognizing when someone is gaslighting you 
  • Steps to get out of a relationship with someone with NPD
  • Helpful processes to heal from your relationship with a narcissist

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