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Rest, Realign, and Move Forward: Here’s What I Learned From Taking 2 Weeks Off of Work

Cynthia is back from a two-week vacation and she’s sharing her three main takeaways from being offline.

She took some time to reflect on what she’s loving in her life and wants to keep, as well as what’s no longer serving her and limiting her from becoming her future self that will get her to the next level. 


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Cynthia noticed that as much as she preaches the importance of physical, mental, and spiritual health, lately, she’s been neglecting the spiritual aspect of nutrition.

The time away from work allowed her to really reconnect with herself through art, reading, and diving deeper into things that light her up intellectually.

She’s also made it a goal to cultivate new relationships in her life, and plans on reaching out to three new people every day to open herself up to different perspectives and experiences. 

One of the biggest ‘aha moments’ that Cynthia had during her time off was learning that her new life will cost her her old one.

She’s making an effort to dial in on her new identity and embody who she’ll be when she archives some major goals that she’s working on right now.

She also shares how you can build more space into your everyday life to have more time to reflect without having to completely unplug from the world.


Listen to Episode 045 to Discover...
  • Simple ways to acknowledge and embrace gratitude daily 
  • Why it’s so important to continue to make friends and expand your network, even as an adult 
  • Coming to terms with the fact that you can’t completely change your life and expect to stay the same person 
  • Intentionally incorporating more ‘white space’ and quiet time into your routine 
  • Tips for overcoming the guilt that many of us feel when we take time off from work


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