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Katie the Wellness Mama on How to Holistically Care for Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Cynthia is joined by Katie the Wellness Mama to discuss how she built her incredible health and wellness empire, her tips for time management as a mother of six, and some of the science behind her top-selling non-toxic personal care products. Katie’s website has over 1,500 blog posts, she’s written 3 books, and she was named one of the 100 most influential people in health and wellness. 


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Katie challenges the myth that mothers are expected to work like they don’t have kids and mother like they don’t have a job. She shares examples of how she batches her time and utilizes the 80/20 principle for delegating her priorities and energy. 

Part of that practice resulted in her evaluating how much time was going towards making non-toxic products like toothpaste, deodorant, and soap for her family.

She wanted to take her homemade operation a step further and launched Wellnesse.

Her line of products go beyond organic and EWG safe labels, and actually enhance the body’s natural processes while keeping people smelling and feeling good. 

As an ITN alum, Katie is all about personalizing her approach to health and wellness.

She dives into how she incorporates more micronutrient diversity and intensity in the food that she eats, her unique approach to supplements, and three self-care practices that set her day up for success.


Listen to Episode 044 to Discover...
  • How to release and move forward from the myth of perfection that society places on mothers and other caretakers 
  • The “80/20” rule and how it applies to productivity, efficiency, anxiety, and success
  • The shocking reality about increased toxin exposure in mothers and babies due to personal care products
  • Why you should “vitamin rotate” and how Katie incorporates this practice into her own routine (plus the vitamins Katie swears by for optimal health!)
  • Katie’s three non-negotiable daily rituals for nourishing her physical, mental, and spiritual nutrition


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