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The REAL Reason You Haven’t Picked a Niche, and How to Do So TODAY


This is your sign to stop procrastinating, move through the fear, and start your coaching career today.

So many aspiring coaches stall out when it comes to choosing a niche, but that’s often because it’s an excuse to stay in their comfort zones.

In this episode, Cynthia breaks down the three questions that you want to ask yourself in order to get really clear on your niche and start working with clients.


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The most common reason why people pursue coaching is because they’ve overcome a personal struggle or helped a loved one through a challenging time, and now they want to share what they’ve learned through their transformation with people who could really benefit from it.

Cynthia shares tangible examples of niches that you can choose based on needs, lifestyles, and symptoms.

She also highlights the passion-based learning curriculum at ITN that helps coaches become experts in whatever area of health and wellness lights them up the most.


Listen to Episode 061 to Discover...
  • Real-world examples of how niching down sets you up for success as a coach  
  • How you can take your personal struggle and turn that into your speciality 
  • A powerful visualization exercise to help you figure out who your audience is 
  • Why niching doesn’t limit you (and how it actually does the opposite!)
  • The ideal timeline to set for yourself before you switch gears and try another niche

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