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How to Choose the Coaching School That’s Right for You

How To Choose The Health Coaching Program That's Right For You

You have finally decided to pursue your dream of becoming a coach. You’re not sure what kind of coach exactly, but you know you want to support clients to live happier more vibrant lives and help them transform into the best versions of themselves.

You’ve tried to reimagine your own corporate career and find fulfillment, but ever since you went through your own transformation after working with a coach, you have felt called to do this work, too.

You like your job, but it’s just that – a job. You want something you can call your own – a business to nurture and build – not a 9-5 where you clock in and out.

You want to do something in the world that matters.

Now that you’ve decided to become a coach, you need to find a credible coaching school. This is by far one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

Not all coaching programs are created equally, and it’s important you choose the one that meets your needs – challenges you and helps you grow – but also has the reputability to back up your expertise and education.

Choosing the right program can appear tricky at first, but once you know what to look for, you can easily separate great programs from average ones.

Remember, many programs claim to be the best, but you need to dig deeper and determine if what they offer is the best for you.

Here are four key things to consider when choosing your coaching program.



It’s important to look at a program’s accreditations and credibility since your certification and title are only as good as the reputation of the school you received it from.

If you fail to choose a certification program with a good name and credibility, making your own name for yourself as a coach will be a much more difficult journey.

What’s more, if a program isn’t actually licensed and approved to operate as a school in their state, they are essentially a diploma mill. You have no protection if the school were to shut down and no recourse for the time you’ve invested or the money you have spent. There are many coaching schools that are operating illegally, and if you graduate from these schools, and they are shut down, you will have wasted your precious time and money.

Ask the school you are interested in if they are licensed and approved to operate in the state they reside in. You can ask to see their license and even visit the website for the state they are in to verify their license.

Partnerships with other schools and universities are a bonus too, since not only does this verify your education meets certain standards and guidelines, but it will also provide an opportunity to further your education with those institutions.

Finally, and most importantly, it’s important to choose a school that is recognized as an approved program by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). The NBHWC created a much-needed standardization of competencies for the industry, requiring students to master key skills and knowledge that are essential to effective coaching. Our Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) program meets these standards and is an approved program.

ITN is also fully licensed and approved as a postsecondary educational institution with the State of Washington. We also have a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University to offer our students complimentary classes in Nutritional Science and Psychology to further deepen their education.

Plus, we’re accredited and approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the Canadian Association of Integrative Nutrition, the American Nutrition Association (ANA), the International Institute for Complementary Therapists in Australia (IICT), the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), and the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals (CAHN-Pro).

ITN has set out to be internationally recognized, with esteemed accreditations from all over the globe so you can become the coach you want to be, without worrying about your credibility.

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The information taught in a coaching certification program should be your next consideration. Think about what you want to do with your certification.

Do you want to coach clients one-on-one? Do you want to write a book, become an influencer, or be the next go-to expert? Do you want to create online programs or group coaching programs? And what kind of education do you need in order to do that work?

You see, gone are the days of blanket meal plan approaches and generic habit changes or coaching people using scripts. Your clients will demand more!

Does the school have a proven process they follow? Do they have a tried and true method that works? Or do they just provide you with blanket coaching advice like meal planning and tips for habit change?

It’s critical that you choose a certification program that teaches you proven systems and methods so there is no guesswork involved. You need a system that works for everyone, everywhere so your clients get results.

Your education should also be complete and comprehensive, so you have the expertise you need to coach in addition to hands-on experience.

Look for a program like ITN’s that offers tried and tested coaching methods that will help you create personalized protocols for your clients – no guesswork required! This unique system was created using over 25 years of experience in coaching and always gets results.

If that weren’t enough, the courses at ITN are presented as video, audio, and full transcripts so you can learn in the way that best suits your needs. All modules are online and accessible 24/7. We also offer hands-on live coaching labs, so you feel experienced, confident, and ready to get your clients results.

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This is an important one. Who created the courses? Who will be teaching you the materials? And what is their background?

It sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s very important to look for a coaching certification program that is taught by someone who has actually worked in and succeeded in the coaching industry since they have practical knowledge and experience (not theory) that really works.

Look for a founder or leader, like ITN’s founder, Cynthia Garcia, who is not only an expert educated in nutrition and health, but who is also an expert at building, marketing, and scaling a coaching practice.

Ultimately, you want to learn from the most educated, sought-after faculty that you can so you can become an expert, be confident about the material you need to know to go out and change lives.


This one might sound simple but understanding the mission of the school you are interested in attending will help give you a clear insight into what they’re trying to accomplish and how they can help you accomplish your dreams as well.

Exploring why the school was started in the first place can tell you how committed they are to their mission.

Look for an institute that has a mission that’s focused on YOU. Their mission should tell you how they are committed to helping you become the successful, modern-day coach you want to be.

ITN is the modern-day coaching school for forward-thinking coaches (and those who want to become one).

We offer simple, step-by-step courses that teach you, in plain English, how to confidently coach your clients and build a successful business.

ITN was started because our founder had her own health problems that were solved by her enrolling in a certification program. She then made it her mission to educate others, at an affordable tuition, so people no longer had to suffer and struggle like she did.

At ITN, the majority of our students have all overcome health struggles and they want to give back. Their mission fits in with our mission of helping them do just that so together it’s truly a win-win!

How to Become a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)


Not all coaching certification programs are created equal. In fact, they are all very different.

It’s important to do your research and look at the intentions behind the certification programs you’re interested in.

Look for a credible program that is taught by someone who has done it successfully themselves, and make sure you’re learning a proven system that is going to get your clients real results – this will only help you grow your business and client base quickly and easily!

And ultimately, look at your coaching certification as an incredible investment in yourself and your career. Not only are you investing in your long-term happiness, but you’re also investing in a career path that will change lives and even the world!

If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) at ITN, simply follow this link. We can’t wait to meet you and start working with you to finally turn your passion into your purpose!

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